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Crew Bug - Cannot Join Console Crew (PC)

by Ranger_Randy2333

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Crew Bug - Cannot Join Console Crew (PC)

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Product: Need for Speed Heat
Summarize your bug Crew Bug - Cannot join a crew that was created on another console while on PC.
What car were you using? In-Game Menu
Was the car your own build or downloaded from the in-game community?
What was the last event you played?
Was it a day or a night event?
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? If on PC, go to crews, search a crew that was created by a console player. it will not show up, nor will it allow the console player who started the crew to invite a PC player
What happens when the bug occurs? Unable to join friends Crew
What do you expect to see? Please enable joining crews that are created by console players, for PC

Im not sure if its a bug or a design flaw, but when a portion of the game is kinda pushed on to you to join a crew and you're not able to if the crew was created by someone on console, its kinda lame.

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