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Continuous state of bleeding out

by Cdg1706

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Continuous state of bleeding out

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Product: Battlefield V
Please specify your platform model. PC
AMD or Nvidia Model Number nvidia gtx 1070
Enter RAM memory size in GB 16 gb
Are you using any software with an overlay? No
Which part of the game is the issue happening in? Multiplayer
Which part of the mode? Breakthrough
Please select your region Europe
On which server did this happen? ?
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 7-03-2020
Summarize your bug I died and then it brought me in a continuous state of bleeding out. even when the timer ran out of time for the bleeding out it still held me on the ground for a while. Then it brought me to the hangar place to redeploy normally and there i was stuck in the same state of bleeding out. Couldn't redeploy or anything
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? as in my summary
What happens when the bug occurs? can't do anything, can't respawn You can still click on the hold out for revive or hold to die sooner button but it doesnt do anything with the counter of the bleeding out.
What should be happening instead? should just bring you back to the menu to respawn

bug report for battlefield 5 multiplayer

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Re: Continuous state of bleeding out

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@Cdg1706 Yes this is a known bug.
Workaround is squad wiped you can join again.
Also in breakthrough when sector is captured / lost.

Myself change squad to a 1 person squad and wait till the person dies.
Then I can join again.
It's back on the list as unfortunately not fixed in 6.2
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