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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

by dabro126

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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just adding my information to this ticket. I lost the opportunity to move from 4 to rank 1 in squad arena as the servers were completely down for the hour leading up to my payout at 11am PST. Also the intermittent disconnects have lost me TB points on one combat mission due to the 10.0 Error as well as prevented me from being able to participate in our guild's rancor raid this afternoon due to getting constantly disconnected while one person in my guild was able to complete the raid (we regularly have 5-6 people that solo the raid including myself).

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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Due to this issue earlier in the day I was unable to collect Bonus Energy, Mod Energy & Cantina Energy. This error persisted so long I hard to go back to work. Some compensation for the loss would be nice. It's not like my (and many others) PayPal account have ever had issue charging our accounts for in game purchases to you.

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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I didn't get the rewards of the last triumvirate, is it a problem connected to that?
I tried to restart the game but nothing
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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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UK time Guild members missed Raids due to being unable to login. All players missed the opportunity to battle in arena and fleets. No victory count when booted from server in Territory Battles, meaning dropped points and lost stars. C'mon EA...I think a LOT more than 250 crystals and a few tokens is due! 

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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Why are you closing tickets regarding this? What I received was far less than I lost.


Customer service is just closing tickets. I got no response.

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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I appreciate compensation has been made to all affected player but each player has been affected in a different way. That might be an appropriate level of compensation for some players who have hardly been affect and who might have been asleep during the outage. But it does not come close to compensating me given the timing of the outage during arena payout and raids and how that has resulted in my losing crystals, gear, other currencies and materials as a result.


Given the timing of the outage I missed my Fleet payout costing me 300 Fleet Arena Tokens, 500,000 Ship Building Materials and 100 Crystals. A lower ranking finish will likely result in a greater fall in ranking overall so likely an additional crystal outlay to regain my ranking.


I missed the last two phases of my guild's Sith Triumvirate Raid as it was delayed by nearly 5 hours. Not a problem for my American guild mates but that 5 hour delay meant the raid was restarted and finished between 1am and 3am local time for me, when I was of course asleep. So instead of finishing top 10 (as usual), if not top 3, I ended up 13th and missed out on a massive amount of gear, Guild Tokens, Guild Event Tokens, Mod upgrade Materials, Credits and Traya Character Shards.


250 crystals doesn't come remotely close to everything I have missed out on due to these technical issues.


I have raised this with EA Customer Services who have said they cannot help or increase the compensation already issued, which I know to be patently false from previous experience, and they've redirect me to the forums to raise this again.


I really hope someone can look into the individual cases as I don't see how a one size fits all compensation can be considered appropriate. 

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

EA Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes Team
Hi all, this issue has now been resolved and addressed in this forum post:

Thank you and apologies for the inconvenience.
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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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Doesnt exactly help, especially thise of us who missed out on raid specific gear. I missed out on rank 7 heroic rancor gearset and drops, along with my missed binus enwrgy and as a result couldnt get zaalbar, or the first tier of revans event. But thats fine, because 2days ish pf crystals and 500 guild tokens are DEFINITELY compensation enough for us.  Disappointed

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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Connection issues are back.

It says there might be an internet connection issue and that the game needs to be restarted.

After 2 of these I restarted my phone but still encountered it.


Ally code : 753-921-114

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Re: Connection issues 24 Oct 2018

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It was a truly woeful amount of "compensation"! 😤👎🏾
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