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Completed 6 challenges and it did not give me the +1bp lvl

by raylafluer

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Completed 6 challenges and it did not give me the +1bp lvl

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Product: Apex Legends
Platform:Microsoft XBOX One
Please specify your platform model. Microsoft Xbox One S
What is your gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name? Charrosbeans
Please provide your squad mates' gamertag/PSN ID/EA Account name if possible. m0mmy0Ftwo88
Are you using any software with an overlay? No
Which Legend were you playing (if applicable)? Caustic
Which Legends were your squad mates using (if applicable)? Gibraltar
Where did the issue occur? Returning to the lobby after a match
Which part of the map or menu were you in? If you don't remember the exact name, please describe the area or what you were trying to do in the menu. Game was showing what damage and how many kills and all that I gotten from a match
What were you doing when the issue occurred? E.g. respawning a squad mate at a beacon, using an ability, a squad mate left the game. Seeing exp I got from the last match
Did your squad mates also experience the issue? I don't know
How many matches had you played in a row before the issue occurred? 4-5 matches
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 7/26/20 around 10:15am centeral
How often does the bug occur? Rarely (0% - 9%)
How severe is your issue? Major impacts to gameplay
What happens when the bug occurs? I don't get my +1 BP lvls for completing 5-6 challenges
What should be happening instead? I should let rewards for completing challenges
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Idk I don't make games like you guys

Just sucks that I completed a challenge and I don't get my rewards especially when your trying to finish the battlepass , this needs to be addressed plus many over known bugs and issues, instead of worrying about cosmetic bullcrap

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Re: Completed 6 challenges and it did not give me the +1bp lvl

Community Manager

Which challenges were completed? Did they show as completed after your match? Did you happen to record your post match screen or your gameplay?

From what I can see you're earning BP levels as normal, with 5-6 levels being earned today.


There have been issues with unlock displays in the past, but generally the contents do indeed get delivered. It can be hard to track currencies but an easy one to see is the Woven Future RE45 skin. Were you informed when you earned this?

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