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[Closed] Game freezing during parties

by miater23

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Game freeze at parties

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Party freezes game

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Re: Game freezing during parties?

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I had a good run but reporting it’s happened again 😱


If I do any action it kills the game. When I arrive I notice some sims are frozen in a pose while others are moving around... unsure if that’s useful information or not but there is no rhyme nor reason behind this.



Also are we going to get compensated at all for these missed out gems, simoleons + tickets? 

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Re: Game freezing during parties?

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@PaQuilter1 I tried to attend you party. The screen kept going white. I tried two different Sims. See pictures. It counted as one party for me even though none of my Sims we're able to see or interact at your party

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Re: [Open] Game freezing during parties

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I’m throwing a concert party today and I’m afraid of it freezing on me.

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Re: Game freezing during parties?

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Just an update @PaQuilter1 party is no longer showing on my party list. It has now completely gone as if it never existed.
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Re: [Open] Game freezing during parties

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USER ID 1003419376969

I just tried to attend a second party today when the game immediately crashed/froze before I entered the party. When I tried to go back to the party after rebooting the game, I was locked out of the party! It’s saying “the daily party limit has been reached”. So the game just robbed me of one of my 2 daily party invites? Can someone please look into this?
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Re: [Open] Game freezing during parties

EA Live QV Team

Hey all,


Can you start your game now (close it first if you are currently playing it), then close it and start it up again for the second time. After you've done that, can you let us know if you get any freezes when you're at a party?


The game does have to be started twice to make sure any changes we made are applied. If you want to make sure you're on the right version, this is the full version number that you should see in your about screen: / @ 171851 

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Re: [Open] Game freezing during parties


Thanks for taking care of this issue. 

I have to wait until tomorrow as I have already tried to send my sims  to two parties already. 

I'l post results ASAP.



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Re: [Open] Game freezing during parties


@SimGuruMaaike I did what you said and restarted the game twice and was able to re-enter both parties that I had attended with no problems. The chat is still lagging though.


Having said that, something weird happened when I re-entered one of my friend's parties. Both my Sims were at the same party at the same time. It happened at the same time a "Surprise" popped up. I know we usually only can see one Sim at a time at a party so I thought I should let you know. Plus, I don't know if it's "Party" or "Surprise" related.


Thank you for all your hard work fixing this problem. Parties and the chat are a highlight of the game. ☺

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Re: [Open] Game freezing during parties

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@SimGuruMaaike I threw a studio party today and weird things were happening. I'm on the correct patch number.  I'm on android os 7. Player ID  1003689975665 


Sims were disappearing from my party and not coming back. I would shut down my game some would show back up but not all. Sometimes no sims would be there. This went on a few times. No sims, some sims. Towards the end of the party the few sims that turned back up would not come in the house and they were all standing on the sidewalk. At one point I talked to someone at the party in chat and they told be my party froze. The party did complete and I received rewards 

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