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Clash on kamino

by naidanaceh

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Re: Clash on kamino

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Sure. I'm done now anyway. No more frustration and retrys. Feel free to close the report. If thia event is truly working as intended though, someone needs to look up what a game is supposed to be. And then remember that when creating events for this game make sure there is a bit of fun included. Like I'd say minimum of 60% fun should be required. 

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Re: Clash on kamino

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I couldn’t agree more about the fun not being there and so could thousands of others. It’s obvious there is a pay wall of sorts that needs to be reached before one can get past these types of events. Every time I upgrade my team on level two of clash on kamino the AI gets harder some how. I feel cheated and after four years of wanting to like this game the price is just getting to be too much. There was an era of glory for video games, but when anything has the potential to make money it gets corporatized, over sold, values diminished and put on the eternal growth diet. Swgoh could be just as profitable even if they made the incentives more widely achievable. I have an idea that could revolutionize this game and quadruple its profitability and fun level. It’s also easy to implement. Get me on the horn with a suit and I’ll  give you an idea worth Many millions.

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