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Chinese Translation Errors 20210716

by MillaboreusF

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Chinese Translation Errors 20210716

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Product: Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes
Platform:Apple iPhone
What type of device are you experiencing the issue with? iPhone12
OS Version current ver
Ally Code: (Find it here: ) 834956586
What type of issue do you have? Translation Errors
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Summarize your bug Look at bottom
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves?
Connection Type
Please select your region Asia

1. Omega Sp: Adaptive Learner

In game: 活学活用

Suggestion: 快速上手

Reason: Noooooooooo, don't change it! 活学活用 is BETTER


2. Omega Sp: Empathy First

In game: 移情优先

Suggestion: 共情至上

Reason: 移情 means move the feeling away from someone, usually we use between lovers. 至上 has the same meaning as 优先, but more literary. 共情 means to feel what the others are feeling. I'm sure the origin is talking about this. So 共情至上 here is more suitable.


3. Omega Unique: Part Of The Squad

Suggestion: 我们的一员

Reason: Direct translation is 小队的一部分. 我们的一员 actually means Part of Us, I use Hunter's view to describe it. At first she was an outsider, after some mess BB started to accept her and finally gave her the position in the squad. From Hunter's point of view, the more important thing is not that Omega stay with BB but BB's member confirm her as a part of the squad. So 我们的一员 stress on the Us, for players we finally have the 5th member of BB, welcome Omega to be part of us.


4. New Debuff: Zeroed In

In game: 瞄具校准

Suggestion: 靶子

Reason: 瞄具校准 is what the dictionary gives us, it usually means the the engineer repairs the gun sight to make it more accurate. 靶子 simply means Mark or Target, which we always use this in a Shooting Range, showing Omega was trying to target on the mark and got practiced, Zeroing in.


5. JMK Ult: It's All Over

In game: 都结束了

Suggestion: 到此为止吧!

Reason: 都结束了 is a description with a flat emotion, but 到此为止吧! is like JMK was yelling to Anakin, or an order. He tried to stop Anakin but failed, so this also shows his disappointment. Also in the movie EP3, the official translation for the actor's lines is 到此为止吧,安纳金,我已经占领了高地!( It's over Anakin, I have the highground!)


6. Sith Assassin Basic: Exploit Weakness

In game: 凌弱射击

Suggestion: 弱点穿刺

Reason: This one has the same Chinese name as Jawa's Basic, for they do have the same original name. Jawa's Basic is called 凌弱射击, 射击 is shoot, no problem. While the Assassin's Basic is slice, not shoot, so 射击 here is not suitable. I have a better name for it, 弱点穿刺, 弱点 is weakness, 穿刺 means spear into, just for she can deal damage with her lightsaber spearing into others' protection.


7. TIE Advanced X1 Crew: I have you now

In game old: 我已有你

In game new: 我已经逮到你了

Suggestion: 逮到你了!

This phrase is from EP4 when Vader locked on Luke's Red 5. The official translation is 逮到你了!, which means I have already caught you now. Also the exclamation point is necessary. The new one you gave is a bit verbose, not like a confident statement from Vader.


8. Count Dooku Sp:Master of Makashi

In game: 玛卡希剑术大师; 反击(Riposte)

Suggestion: 玛卡希大师; 致命回刺(Riposte)

The old 玛卡希剑术大师, here 剑术 is needless, just be 玛卡希大师. And someone will misunderstand Riposte(反击) and Counter(反击), because you used the same translation, so my suggestion for Riposte is 致命回刺. 刺 means stab or spear into, like the Makashi style. And under this buff, Dooku's counter attack or attack out of turn could be deadly, so it is 致命.


9. Darth Sion Sp: Held By Hatred

In game old: 仇恨

In game in his Unique: 憎恶缠绕

In game new: 被仇恨缠绕

Suggestion: 憎恶缠绕

Actually this new name 被仇恨缠绕 is 100% translated by a machine. Because you already had a super good name for this ability. In the very first version, when Sion just joined the game, Held By Hatred was called 憎恶缠绕 in his Unique. This name is much better than 仇恨(hate), so this name 憎恶缠绕 should be keep in the future.


Thank you again to take my suggestions. I would always do my best to publish the game in China and among more fans.

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Accepted Solution

Re: Chinese Translation Errors 20210716

EA Live QV Team

Hi @MillaboreusF 


Thanks again. We have relayed these suggested translations to the team for review.

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Re: Chinese Translation Errors 20210716

EA Live QV Team

Hi @MillaboreusF 


Thanks again. We have relayed these suggested translations to the team for review.

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