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Re: Career Performance Resets

by crinrict

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Career Performance Resets

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After installing the recent patch (16th December 2014), I have had trouble getting a promotion in any career field that I've tried. Whenever my sims go to work they've completed the daily task and have the optimum mood, and also are on the 'Work Hard' option. However when they are just about to reach their promotion, which I've noticed is also very slow, they arrive back home and their perfomance bar drops back down, making it practically impossible to be promoted, even at the 1st level of any career. Also, sometimes when they arrive home, they are still apparently working with the options to make them work harder, etc. To fix this particular issue I've had to restart the game, and they are no longer apparently working. But this does not fix the performance bar issue.

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Re: Career Performance Resets


Are you using any mods in your game ?

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