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Re: Cantina Battles empty

by Slushie83

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Cantina Battles empty

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Happen to me after the updates.

Anyone having the same issue with me?

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Re: Cantina Battles empty

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Hi @Bananas2020,

Yep, Its a known issue, for me this one fixed itself after an hour yesterday.

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Re: Cantina Battles empty

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Instead of creating a new thread I thought I'd just piggy back on this one since it's Cantina Battle related.


I don't know how this happened but when I go into the Squad Cantina Battles screen, instead of showing me the usual cantina missions I somehow get the Ability Mats challenge as well as the XP droids event missions.

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Re: Cantina Battles empty

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Thats just wierd. You sure you updated to the latest version of the game?
It was updated yesterday (dont know if your iOS or Android but atleast play store was).
My version is at 0.1.108157

What about trying to re-install the game?
Make sure your game is linked to your google play account so you dont risk loosing your progess.
Press the hogwheel (top left) at main menu to check.
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Re: Cantina Battles empty

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Yep my game is up to date. I was running the normal Cantina missions in the morning and then when I logged in later on in the day it had changed to what I posted above.


Very strange, hoping it'll fix itself up soon at the daily reset maybe. I'll wait it out before I try the reinstall.

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