Re: Cant "register" on steam inside the game (getting some reset passw

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Cant "register" on steam inside the game (getting some reset password loop)

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As the title says i cant seem to register on steam 

Every time i try to it prompts me with the reset your password thing in the steam overlay 

After resetting it nothing happens it still shows the same thing 

I cant even enter the password anywhere it just asks me to reset it 

I havent ever been able to launch the game without this so i dont know what the issue is 

Ive reinstalled the game over 2 times now so hopefully yall can somehow help me 


thanks in advance

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Re: Cant "register" on steam inside the game (getting some reset passw

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Hey @78am3ko3upr7,


If you're repeatedly seeing this message to reset a password, be sure you've reset your EA account password rather than the Steam password: How to reset your expired password (


Once you've gone through those steps, if you're still having trouble it would be best to reach out to support directly.


If you create a new case here and select Game Support > The EA app > I want to update my EA Account information, you should be able to get in touch with the support team so they can assist further.  
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