Can’t remove or promote sims

by d9sig3mdvbey

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Can’t remove or promote sims

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Apple iPhone
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OS Version 15
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I cannot remove 3 sims from my house. I can’t promote or remove them. This issue is quite annoying since there is a limit on the number of sims you can have in a household. I’ve tried deleting and downloading the app again but it hasn’t worked. 


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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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Hello Simmers, 


Thanks for sharing these reports with us. This is on our radar. We've made a post to share this here: "Issues with Sim Festival tutorial & Seasonal Tasks" and will do our best to keep you updated. 


Thanks all,




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Family Portrait Isn’t Working

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I have a sim who got promoted to playable at the same time as others, she has all her traits and still won’t retire after 5 days of having all traits.


So I got frustrated and went to remove her manually. And I can’t! My portrait freezes as soon as I click on someone and I can’t make them passive, let alone remove/promote them.


Anyone else having this issue? Anyone know how to fix it?

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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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This has happened to me, as well. I have 3 playable sims and one unplayable sim that just aged up to a young adult that I want to be playable. First, I tried retiring an old sim that was ready to retire, but no matter how many times I clicked on retire the game would not do it. I just kept hitting it over and over.
I finally decided to spend the money and unlock the 4th playable sim spot. Selected “make playable” and the selected the sim I wanted to add. Once again, hitting make playable did nothing. 
This kind of a game breaker for me if this can’t be fixed, I like generations style playing but if I can’t add the kids to the family then there’s no point.

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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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@ic667cginvhe What happens when you try to create a new child? Do you get a message saying that the house is full?

If you get a message saying the house is full, you should get the option to remove some Sims from you household. Is this possible for you?
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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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Just tried adopting a girl with on my playable sims and it looks like they’re able to go through with it? Will let you know when the timer hits 0


Does the limit of how many sims you can have in a household only apply to playable sims or unplayable sims, as well? Sorry somewhat new to the game so I’m not sure what the rules are.  

Edit: Yep, I now have beautiful baby girl named Glitch Frazier. The game has not prompted me to move anyone out yet, not sure if it’ll change when she ages up

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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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Welcome to the world, little Glitch!!! Awsome name!

I don’t know what the rules are if you have a maximum of say two or three playable Sims (I have been on a loooong brake from the game). I have 4 playable Sims, which is the maximum number of playable Sims, and then my household can have a total of 12 Sims.

If you marry someone, your bride or bridesgrom become a part of your household (they will be passive). You can also ask someone to move in. But there can never be more than 12 Sims living in one house.


And here comes the trick: if you have some kind of trouble with one of your Sims, and you can’t make them move out, then you may be able to «delete» them when you create a new child. Do this: fill your house with Sims to the maximum limit (12 Sims). Start making a baby. A message appears saying something like: «there are too many Sims in your house», and you will be asked which one you want to move out in order to make room for the new baby. It has worked for me. It may work for you. And you @d9sig3mdvbey 

And then a general advice: 
Don’t retire any of your sims. Don’t make them passive! The are problems with retired and passiv Sims at the moment.

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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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Thanks for the advice. Good to know about the passive/ retirement thing.  Guess I’ll try filling my household in the mean time and seeing if it works.

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Re: Family Portrait Isn’t Working

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@페릭 me too... 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 It makes me so crazy...
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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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oh. That's a good idea.

I am gonna try it. 

now I have 11 family. and when infants are grow up, then I am going to try pregnant so that I can remove other sims.

Thank you for telling me a nice advice.

I hope it works. 😇😇😇

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Re: Can’t remove or promote sims

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Oh wow, I only have 5 sims so far so I’ve got a long way to go. Please let me know how it works for you, I’ll keep my fingers crossed that it does work!

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