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[CURRENT ISSUE] Muted Sounds

by PoptartJuniper

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Re: Sound vanished in game. PS4

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@Bug962 Same
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Re: [PS4] Muted Sounds

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@PoptartJuniper Also freeze going on
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Re: [PS4] Muted Sounds

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@PoptartJuniper my game just Crushing on me just now
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Re: [PS4] Muted Sounds

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Here from the crashing thread to say that I also have this no sound problem and my game is running so slowly, its really terrible.

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Muted Sounds

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My game worked fine until the sound disappeared, then my game crashed.

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Muted Sounds

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It's strange that they are separating the issues- since that could help diagnose ... A bit like a doctor telling you that you can only see them for 1 thing (and not to mention everything else that happened at the same time). Seems like the sound (for some people) does lead to a crash (or, indicates the crash is about to happen). They should give people the option to roll back versions, and reimburse people who pre-ordered the game. 

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Muted Sounds

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@InfiniteVerve well they did not fix Eco, so you shouldnt really preorder new stuff.

That said, yea, there seems to be a direct correlation between sound and game crashes.

I also notice on the PS4 a significant increase in time in loading the game.
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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Muted Sounds

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@lostinmallocI don't preorder. I saw the mess long before EL, and also saw EL was not fixed. I feel bad for people who are excited to play, and they preorder (not their fault that they trust a company- who are supposed to be legal). I do think the money should be refunded, because those people (who preordered) did so based on a belief that they would get to play asap.

I can see that it's not just PC folks having issues, console and others as well, but separating the posts makes it look like fewer people are experiencing this issue (if others don't look into other areas of the boards- because they get directed to PC, Mac, or console).

Did you have an issue with sound and crashing? How much more significant were your loading times (out of curiosity)?

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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Muted Sounds

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@brigitta1710 Same here Frown
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Re: [CURRENT ISSUE] Muted Sounds

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@InfiniteVerve I’ve had issues with sound but now I’ve got it set to 0% my PS4 game has been running since 10:30am ish with no crashing. It’s not ideal as my sim is about to have a baby so I’m going to have to keep a close eye on the baby crying so it doesn’t get taken away by social services. I’ve also had issues with sims not being able to climb stairs if there isn’t floor tiles adjacent to it (like in a open stairway type thing in a mansion or gym). I’ve had to put floor tiles down (making it look gross) so they can climb the stairs 😔


my loading times though seem to be better and the game (other then the crashing) seems to run better then before the patch if that makes any sort of sense. 

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