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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

by snnicorn

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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@ciyroseProbably Analisa, since it contains "a n a l".

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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@Katrus91Yes, that is what I figured too, but also why I pointed out, she wasn't named by me but by the game itself.  If they will have that be a name that can be assigned to a sim by the game, the fact it wouldn't be able to be uploaded is completely silly.  If it's due to that, don't put it in the game to being with. Standard smile

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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@ciyrose It has happened before, and even sims who can be downloaded from Maxis’ gallery-account have disallowed names, for example Miss Hell. When it comes to auto-generated names I guess that the people who put those names in the generator didn’t know all disallowed words. In the English version of the game there are about 6000 forenames and 3000 surnames, if I remember correctly, so it surely is easy to miss if a name contains a disallowed word.
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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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On my Xbox One I have a family based off real people. I want to share on the gallery so I can use them on PC. The last name is Hadley. I continuously get the "this last name contains a disallowed word" message. What's wrong with Hadley? I've actually tried changing it to Fehr, Visser, Bob, Top, and Short. But no matter what I change it too I still get the same message. Even for Short, which I have another household that is shared with the last name Short. 

So like what's the problem! This household is pretty important to me, and is the only household out of 8 that i get this message for.


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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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@Allininja Are you completely sure that the message says that the problem is specifically the last name? I’ve never seen the message being specific about if the problem is a first or last name.

Btw, you should still be able to save it to your own library. So, if you use the same account on Xbox and PC you should be able to save the household on Xbox and use it on the PC.
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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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Haven't read through the whole list, but I tried to upload a build with coconut trees and other plants. Described it as having fruits, vegetables, and nuts. Well fruits made it through the filter fine but nuts... was a big old nope. I kind of understand, but it is a bit frustrating. 

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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This is still a problem.  I just tried to call a dog Suji and it was disallowed.  But Sooki is apparently fine. Weird.

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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Don't know if this was posted here since I saw it in another thread (posted about a year ago) but he'll is still banned this was the description I wrote: 


Since graduating high school, Lin has taken more then a couple of gap years before university. At 24, he still feels directionless and doesn't know what he wants to do with his life. All he knows is that he wants to have a big happy family with the person he loves. Lin hopes to use the Big Brother prize to support himself until he finds his true calling and who knows, maybe he'll find it in the Big Brother house? 


The only issue was the "he'll" and it drove me insane trying to find what word was disallowed that I wound up googling it and finding the thread. I get why it would be banned but he'll is a very common contraction. I get that EA doesn't want people referring to... the place down under, but I think censoring he'll is a bit excessive. 

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Unjustified disallowed words

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I tried to upload my family to the gallery so I can access it on another account and got the message that first name isn’t allowed so after going through the members I found out I was my sim Eathan apparently that’s a disallowed name and I don’t get it but if I take the “a” out of the name and make it Ethan it works just fine I’m so confused why a simple letter changes it but I really think that should be fixed 

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Re: [Please post here] Unjustified disallowed words

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I was making a recreation of the Specter Family from the Sims 2, and I couldn't upload because Ophelia's last name was Nigmos, which is disallowed, I can't use a last name that was in a pervious generation of the Sims?!

Years later and this still hasn't been rectified, as I discovered when I included the detail in a lot description that the house in question was occupied by Olive Specter and her niece Ophelia Nigmos. Which prompted me to look up the official Maxis gallery version of those sims, where I discovered that they just avoided the issue by renaming Ophelia to share her aunt's last name.

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