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[COLLECTION THREAD] Finnish translation problems

by RiverX2Bananas

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[COLLECTION THREAD] Finnish translation problems

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My game is in Finnish language, and when my dogs get puppies (I assume it's the same with cats and kittens, but I haven't played with them) my game is congratulating on new puppies and then asks "How do you want to name IT" (in Finnish of course). Now, in Finnish language you call animals "it", not with a personal pronoun. Even if we used personal pronouns, the problem would remain as we don't have gender based personal pronouns but just one word and same word for both she and he.

Anyways, now there is no way of knowing the gender of puppies before naming them! I know I can go to CAS mode and use cheats to change the names afterwards, but I'm hoping The Sims team will notice this problem with Finnish translation and fix it for the next update. 

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Finnish translation problems


Hi @RiverX2Bananas


I think this is probably the same problem for all languages so this might not be a translation problem but rather feedback.


I'm marking this as collection thread for finish translation issues though so all issues can be posted in here.


Please always use a picture to report something.

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Re: [COLLECTION THREAD] Finnish translation problems

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A new issue with Finnish The Sims 4. It basically says the toddler has reached level 5 in intelligence (or what ever it is called in English version, ajattelu in Finnish) but in reality she has reached level 2 as can be seen in this picture. 


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