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CO-OP Not working

by adamchan85

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Re: CO-OP Not working

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THank you for the info. As a bit of an alternate way around this, could you ask the 3rd player to invite you and your son to their group?

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Re: CO-OP Not working

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We've been doing that as a workaround since before I posted all of this.  Not long afterward, maybe 5-6 minutes, I have to leave the group as my side of the split screen becomes laggy to the point where my character is literally dragged backwards. So that's a huge fail.

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Re: CO-OP Not working

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★ Apprentice

Is there any fix to the “Failed to join the game session. The target user is in split screen and cannot host a group” error?

Alternatively, when I invite my friends and they join my group (I’m the host) my wife can’t join split screen on our PS4. 
Is there any way around this?


it’s weird that my wife and I can play online with strangers but we can’t play online with our friends. 

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