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Re: [Bug] Mace Windu - Vaapad

by warmonkey1024

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[Bug] Mace Windu - Vaapad

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I think the calculation behind the skill might be a little off? It's doing really low damage (even lesser than his own auto-attack) and it doesn't remove positive buffs at all. This made him as a kinda underwhelming as a whole. Please kindly look into it.


On a lore wise, vaapad is supposed to be a light saber form where he kinda goes "berserk mode" I figured a temporal boost to his fighting capabilities (Buff to attack/speed/etc) would actually be more appropriate to nature of the ability itself. Probably still too early in the game to recommend changes but just my 2 cents Standard smile


Edit: Further testing I think it does remove sometimes. I think its only a chance and can be resisted.

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Re: [Bug] Mace Windu - Vaapad

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I am having the same problem. I really hope this is a bug or else Mace needs a serious buff.


My Mace is at 5 stars and has 900+ special damage. But his Vaapad attack is only doing 400 something damage, almost the same as his basic damage.


It's a bit ridiculous considering he almost defeated darth sidious...

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