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Bloodhounds Ultimate causes FPS drops

by Ralphyyz

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Re: Xbox 1x Bloodhounds Ult causes frame drops

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I don't play in Xbox but in PC.

I have the same issue: the game runs smooth (90 to 144fps) but when i ult with Bloodhound my fps drops to 20/30, which makes it unplayable.

It's a shame, because bloodhound's ultimate is really cool.

i hope they optimize the game a bit more.


i7 3770k @Stock speeds

Gtx 1060 3Gb @2100MHz

16Gb RAM DDR3 @1600MHz


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Re: Xbox 1x Bloodhounds Ult causes frame drops

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I have both the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One X, on the One X it runs smoother and looks prettier, but as SOON as I activate Bloodhounds ability on the Xbox One X, my frame rate drops to near 10-15... On the Pro, I'm able to run in with his ability active, and wipe a whole team or two through Bangs smoke, while her ult is also going. Please bump this, I have over 300 kills on PlayStation but near 40 on Xbox because I can't use his ability like it's supposed to.
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Massive Loss in FPS using Bloodhounds Ultimate

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(Xbox One X)

Has anybody else had an issue on having a huge loss in fps when in a medium to close range gunfight while bloodhounds ultimate is active?

This issue seems to happen everytime I get into a gunfight with it active.

Its a shame because I really enjoy Bloodhound but this pretty much makes him unplayable for me.


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Please fix problem when you use ulti fps drop from 120 to 40-50, and i dont know but i cant hit enemy close with "peacekeeper" when i used ulti, idk why, normal i fly to market, pickup peacekeeper or similiar weapons i dont have problem to kill 2,3 squads vs me. When i use ulti iam blind * idiot hits not registering dmg or idk. check this please. sry for bad english thx.  Standard smile

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My fps stays same so issue is in your rig
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Its not only my problem, all my friends when use ulti fps drop -50%
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Got the same problem on xbox 

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 I merged some individual topics together into this one so we have all the reports in the same place. We'll bring it up to the Respawn team to be aware of, thanks for the help!


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Rejoice! I made an account just to reply to this message. I love bloodhound and as the others have said before, the fps drop (ps4) when using his ultimate makes him unplayable. Thank you for looking into it!
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Lags on PS4 using hunter ultimate

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FPS drops very much when I use the ultimate hunter, please fix it

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