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Re: Bloodhound Ult DESTROYS performance

by EA_Blueberry

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Bloodhound Ult DESTROYS performance

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Bloodhound's Ult, Beast of the Hunt DESTROYS frames. Making me drop ~30-40 frames easily, sometimes even going from 145 to 40, making the game unplayable during it and making me wish I never ulted.

And it happens on THIS setup :


- RTX 2070,

- Ryzen 2600x

- 16GB Ram 3066mhz


Please, at least tell us that you guys acknowledge the issue and will look into optimizing it because it's an issue I see many people complain about but for some reason it goes unnoticed. It's really affecting the class and many people don't play BH for this reason alone.

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Re: Bloodhound Ult DESTROYS performance

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Same problem here, I’m on ps4 and I didn’t always have this problem. I played a lot of bloodhound since release and didn’t have this problem at apex’s launch. But for some reason bloodhound’s ultimate kills my frame rates and I can’t play him anymore Frown

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Re: Bloodhound Ult DESTROYS performance

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Devs, please, address this issue it is literally game-breaking! Using Bloodhound's ability lowers fps to the point when You can't accurately aim ! I have constant 73fps but in the fight it drops to 20 ! It is impossible to aim at that number of frames per second!

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Re: Bloodhound Ult DESTROYS performance

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I had the same problem several times in PS4.

Huge fps drop while using bloodhound ultimte. The last time the drop was to nearly to 10 fps; i was fighting near the mountains of cascades, there was a lot of effects like bangalore's smoke, and i died because it was literally unplayeable.



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Re: Bloodhound Ult DESTROYS performance

Community Manager


The team is aiming to address this in an upcoming patch.


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When is bloodhounds ultimate getting fixed?


Im tired of having my frames dropping and stuttering.


Xbox one x.

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Re: Bloodhound Ult DESTROYS performance

I've got this issue as well. 


When you activate the ultimate on a zipline, the frames seems to drop even further, making it almost unplayable.


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