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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

by EA_Atic

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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Like EA_Atic and dwwin already said, the trophies are no longer glitched and unattainable. I unlocked my last three trophies today and yesterday.

Eager Beaver, Jack of All Trades and Elite.


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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@Christian2310 Can I ask how you efficiently earned The 500,000 score in two days? I remember it seeming like such a grind to get 100,000 per class.
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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@KR1ST0F3R Today i mostly played the grind and fortress mode. The action focuses on a few places. There a many possibilities for easy points on these modes: reviving, healing, ammo...
But the best thing is the recon plus the flare gun. You can make so many points with it. I had a round with 18.000 points. I couldn't believe how many points i made. xD
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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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Wow now I’m seriously done with this game. The fact that some of you guys are okay with this fix and are fine with starting from scratch boggles my mind. Don’t let these guys normalIze this behavior. I have never had issues getting trophies for most games and the fact that this is the best a AAA developer can do is garbage. 

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@deetigo I look in battlefield tracker for first time. How can I find stats show me how many scores I actually got, just found out when I read this comment about Completing an order don't count and not every point belonging to class.
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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@untildawn85 Stats will change after you are finishing round
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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

Community Manager
Hey everyone, 
I have closed the topic and issue has been resolved.  
I want to thank everyone for there efforts and patience on the issue it took a while but we got there in the end. 


* Tag me with @EA_Atic if you are responding to me. Thumbs up

* If you like the comments of other players please give them XP. :eahigh_file: 

* If someone has helped and solved your issue please accept it as a solution. Standard smile


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