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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

by EA_Blueberry

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@EA_Blueberry We all hope that everything will be fine. Each work is difficult in its own way and yours is no exception. I think every trophy hunter here is worried that he won't be able to get his trophies. And everyone expresses their emotions as they can. All we can do is wait. Therefore, we are waiting with the hope that everything will be fine and you will fix everything soon. Standard smile))
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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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You won't be seeing me on the battlefield until I can earn trophies. 

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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I think I probably speak for more than myself in that while I did thoroughly enjoy Battlefield V (and this is my first Battlefield game..), I am frustrated by the issue with my progress not being saved and the trophies not popping and also with how long its taking to get it fixed and how little priority there seems to be in resolving the issue for a company of your stature.  Sure, I could go on happily playing the game until its resolved while simply "having fun" on the battlefield, but is it really worth my time?


There are a lot of other great games out there that I haven't played yet that I can, and will, be playing instead of BF V and committing my time (and money) to while this one is broken.  Just my 2 cents.

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@MikailEmin70 Mine is elite and jack of all trades
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Battlefield V Trophies Problem

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I have a problem with my Battlefield V trophies. Many of them are not working. I am pretty sure that I have unlocked Heads Down, Eager Beaver, Fender Bender and Globetrotter, and they didn't get unlocked. It is very frustrating. Please fix it and give me my trophies. I play in PlayStation 4 and my gamer name is eduardomd1993.

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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Guys please 

still can’t find any frontlines server 

what to do please???

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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@DontYouEverSay It’s impossible. You need wait when they will add frontlines again.
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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

Community Manager

I received word the team would have trouble implementing the trophies/achievements as retroactive grants because it would pose a greater risk of breaking other things, so current plans are to address this in the coming update so progress is once again tracked. Thank you sticking it out with us and if there are any updates prior to the 4.4 update surrounding this we'll share it with you here. Have a great weekend and see you on the battlefield.


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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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@EA_Blueberry Sites like Battlefield Tracker exist which means that you have an API to check players' stats. An easy fix would be to query the players' score and see if they meet the achievements' requirements on game launch. That should not take more than a day for a single dev to code and test. Easy, done.

If the devs think that such a simple (temporary) fix would break other things, then I understand why the game is this buggy.
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Re: Bf5 trophies glitched/bugged

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It’s mean what they can’t fix trophies or what?

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