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Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

by tron20X6

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Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

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Product: The Sims Mobile
Platform:Apple iPhone
List the specific devices you play with (e.g. iPhone 6s Plus, Samsung Galaxy S7) iPhone 7
OS Version 13.3.1
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Prompt the Homeschool event from anywhere and when your Sim is brought home, the event will lag and respond slowly to moving the camera and selecting things on-screen.
What do you expect to see? I expect the camera to move swiftly and for there to be no lag when selecting different things on-screen. I haven't experienced lag anywhere else in the game in the past.
Connection Type Wifi
Please select your region North America
Country USA
Additional feedback

The other two Back to School events are fine and cause no lag, but the lag during the Homeschool event is so severe in comparison that things take seconds to load when clicked and there is a noticeable delay when moving the camera around. I've closed out of the app and restarted my phone, but the lag remains only during the Homeschool event and nowhere else. Other places on the map do not experience lag at any other time and my home is back to no lag once the Homeschool event is over. Since the BTS event is temporary, I'm not too worried, but I was curious if anyone else was experiencing this.

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Re: Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

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@tron20X6 I noticed this.. 😐 The other events work normally.
Playing with iPad 6th gen, iOS 13.5.1 & wifi
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Re: Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

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@tron20X6 Is it because I placed so many flags at the lot? The late Pride packs gives us. Just a thought. I'm on Android Pie
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Re: Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag


@tron20X6 @lmnmst 

I also experience lag on my main lot and it is because I have too many objects placed there. If this is the case, please put some items in inventory and see if it helps.


The multilevel update included a change in the item limit so we were able to place more objects in each house lot. I'm thinking there might be some lag depending on the device we use.

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Re: Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

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@SalixCat yeah this is what I was thinking too, even though other events I do at home don't cause lag. It must have something to do specifically with the Homeschool event, maybe the code is heavy or something. But generally, I do agree that the number of objects or Sims on the lot affects it too. Earlier while doing the event, I had other people on the lot doing events at the same time and I did notice the lag to occasionally be a bit worse. I'll continue to deal for the next couple days til the event's over and I'll update if anything gets worse.


Thank you!

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Re: Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

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@SalixCat Did the event on my other lot which has a basic one story house with less items and no lagging.. 👍Got to see also some actions that the game wasn’t giving me on my main lot.. Like going to the hottub with clothes on 😄

But yes, maybe this event is so old and done differently that it’s heavy with the all the new stuff we have nowadays 🤷‍♀️
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Re: Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

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@Ilois4 @SalixCat Interestingly, today I was doing the Homeschool event while another one of my Sims was doing a Quick Hangout at home (my other 2 Sims were away from home). Whenever I was on my Homeschool Sim, the actions were slow and there was a noticeable drop in FPS. But when I would switch to my Quick Hangout Sim, actions around the house were speedy and responsive as usual, and moving the camera around the house was quick.


With 2 days left, I'm sure this won't change before BTS ends. Hopefully, this won't be a frequent occurrence in future events.

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Re: Back to School - Homeschool Event Causing Lag

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@tron20X6Im trying that and it's result the same.
Only the sims with the back to school event get furiously lagged.
I noticed the lag starts when the confidence up and should showing the possible risky actions. Like they couldn't load the risky one. I spent a lot energy for that to show up and the lag still continues.
I also did try with Cafe and one sims working there. Also the waterfront and working sims.
So, It's event related.
Even I relogging the game, game still lagged after the confidence up.

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Edit: I have refurnishing my home with a bit items, so the items on lot not a worry

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