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[BY DESIGN] [GTW] Retail Employees Not Retaining Assigned Task

by SheriGR

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Re: Retail Employees Not Retaining Assigned Task

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That sounds like what I have noticed, but the issue that I was referring to was a day when I noticed two to three times each that the employees were slacking (they had been working much better on other shifts), and they had no assigned task though I had given them one when I would check them. I was having the game checked for a 'frozen items' issue, so I thought perhaps this could be checked on since I had shared the game. Anyway, not a huge deal. If they are going to be this poor at doing their tasks I will probably fire them all and just use my sims. I may try a few more shifts and see if it improves. Thank you. Sorry I bothered you with a non-issue!

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Re: Retail Employees Not Retaining Assigned Task

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@crinrict ... Thank you for all of your help and time. Sorry to bug you with something that was a non-issue.

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Re: Retail Employees Not Retaining Assigned Task

That's fine. No need for apologies. Sometimes it's unsure if something is a bug or by design and it's good to find out.

And if someone is as courteous and nice about everything like you are, it's never a problem :D No need for apologies.

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