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BUFFS need to OVERWRITE/RENEW when applied over the same buff

by verbalthought

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BUFFS need to OVERWRITE/RENEW when applied over the same buff

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Currently if you have any positive status effect and then another ally buffs you again with the same buff, the game behaves as if you didnt just receive that buff.



If you have characters A-E on your team and characters F-J on the defending team.


Turn 1

Character A gains offense up for 1 turn for who cares the reason.

Character B grants his entire team offense up for 3 turns.

Character C-E do who cares.


Turn 2

Character A attacks his opponent. At the end of his turn he looses offense up (because he gained it for 1 turn)

Character B-E do whatever. They still have offense up until the end of turn 4.


Steps to Reproduce:

Make a team that has Dooku as your leader and Poggle on it.


With Dooku as your team leader, you get offense up for one turn when you evade


Evade an attack so you get offense up for 1 turn

Use Poggles buff to give offense up to all

3) The game does not reapply the buff, it wears after 1 turn. 



A VERY CLOSE SECOND ISSUE WITH (DE)BUFFS (might be intentional but I doubt it)

If you are fighting a team that has poggle and he buffs them all with offense up

and then you use a character that does AoE Offense down (Plo Koon, Old Ben) 

The enemy will have both buffs applied but only offense up will be visible, this can be seen...

When the entire oppossing team has offense up and you use an AoE offense down none of the characters will get offense down, but 1 or 2 turns later (depending when they got their offense up) when offense up wears off they then show the offense DOWN red icon. 


In the  case of an opposing buff/debuff that target the same stat,, it should work differently then it does:

This should either have both effects applied and effectively cancel out until they lapse or are removed


the most recent of the 2 effects (assuming it actually landed) should be the effect that stays


as seen now the positive always outshines the negative status (This can also be demonstrated with Speed Up/Down) 

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Re: BUFFS need to OVERWRITE/RENEW when applied over the same buff

★ Apprentice

After further examining the 2nd problem about opposing buffs it appears that its not always the positive that wins, but rather always the FIRST status that is applied.

if offense down is present on you and you od offense up, it wont change to up until down wears off naturally

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