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[BDK] Dust bunnies spawn in inaccessible places

by cescapalme467

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[BDK] Dust bunnies spawn in inaccessible places

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Product: The Sims 4
Which language are you playing the game in? English
How often does the bug occur? Every time (100%)
What is your current game version number?
What expansions, game packs, and stuff packs do you have installed? The new vacuuming kit
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Let me edit my lot whilst there’s a fire!!!
What happens when the bug occurs? I LOSE ALL PROGRESS BC OF A FIRE
What do you expect to see? Some way of extinguishing or calling the fire brigade when there is a fire cause by angry dust bunnies on a floor I can’t get to!!!! I couldn’t leave the lot, edit the lot of save my progress!!!!! I lost all my progress for the day because I have a decorative room in the roof that isn’t used so does have a ladder or stairs to get to. Obviously I can’t clean it and I didn’t know angry dust bunnies create fires!!!!!!!! 4 hours I’ve just lost !!!!!!!
Have you installed any customization with the game, e.g. Custom Content or Mods? Never used.
Did this issue appear after a specific patch or change you made to your system? No

I downloaded the new vacuum kit and lost all my progress (4 hours of game play) because an angry dust bunny made fire on the top floor of the house which is just a decorative room so there’s no access to it. I could not save, edit the lot to insert a ladder or stairs to that part of the house or go to maps to edit the lot that way. I lost all my progress on the family I have made I’m really annoyed. Why can’t I save the game when there is a fire??? That’s ridiculous!!!!!!!!! I could’ve saved, exited game and gone onto maps and edited the lot to put a ladder in and get rid of the fire, and I wouldn’t have lost FOUR HOURS OF GAME PLAY!!!! Why didn’t you think this through ? Surely when there’s a new pack or kit and you’re creating a new hazard you would take into account the fact people make rooms that are decorative and not in use that they can’t get to?????? I didn’t even know the bunnies would make fire. 


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Re: [BDK] Dust bunnies spawn in inaccessible places

@cescapalme467 was this a floor you just didn't have stairs too or some type of attic floor ?

Could you maybe add some pictures of your house ?

I don't think the game has a way to distinguish if a place is accessible by your Sims if there's just no ladder/stairs.

Did you try to teleport there ? You should be able to use cheats while there's a fire ?

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Re: [BDK] Dust bunnies spawn in inaccessible places

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@crinrict I can’t attach photos as I had to leave the house and turn my computer off, I’m not into the whole cheats side of sims 4, I know the basic shift click stuff however I was trying to teleport but none of my sims would they would put their arms up and freeze, I tried resetting the sim with their arms up and it would work but when I would try to teleport again it wouldn’t let me and go to their arms being up. Just very frustrated I had to shut the game down and lose everything, we should at least be able to save when there’s a fire or return to worlds so we can edit the lot to make the fire accessible
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Re: [BDK] Dust bunnies spawn in inaccessible places




There a couple of ways to deal with the issue you ran into.


The first way is to prevent dust from building up on an inaccessible room.  I use the lowest level basement on all my residential lots as a storage room where I stick stuff like the Christmas tree.  There are no stairs or ladders to it.  When I first got Bust the Dust I noticed that dust and the dust bunnies started showing up there.  Not a big deal until I found that the dust piles and dust bunnies blocked me putting stuff in the basement.  I never got any of the Filth Fiends though.  And I didn't know they will set fires until reading your post.


Anyway, I have found a way to keep that basement clean so I don't get the dust piles and bunnies.  But you have to have the Cat and Dogs Expansion pack.  That pack has two robot vacuums.  So you get one, do all the upgrades on the robot and the base (they are really 2 separate objects and each part has to be upgraded separately), set it to run on auto every six hours and put it in your room.  I put one on every floor of my houses now and don't have any dust buildup at all.  They do break on occasion so you do need to check that they are still running every now and then.  But my house now stays pristine, including the inaccessible basement.


But you say you only have the Bust the Dust pack so that might not be an option for you so you will need to get a sim into the space to clean every so often.  There are two ways to do that and they allow you to teleport a sim there.  If you had Spa Day, there is a teleport ability once you level the Wellness skill up to level 7 or 8.  So that might not be an option for you either since you don't say you have that pack.


The other way is with a cheat.  Turn testing cheats on.  Then right click on a spot in the room where you want to go.  You should see a teleport option.  Use that to get a sim into the room to clean (have to have a vacuum in the sim's inventory) or to put out the fire.


Hope this helps.





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