Apex legends closes itself unexpectedly (without any error)

by Maokooke

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Apex legends closes itself unexpectedly (without any error)

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Hello EA developers. I tell you with great respect, I want to mention a problem that has persisted for 3 months since the update for the “Horizon” relic came out. Since then, problems have arisen such as unexpected crashes in the game and today it is currently This month of “September” the problem continues to persist. Many things were tried to find a solution for this: the use of VPNS, Flashing on the equipment, Reinstallation of the game on both the EA and Steam platforms, Internet Network Changes, Among other things.
This problem is not only suffered by players on the PC Platform, but also by console players. Certain friends did the things mentioned to solve it and it did not give any results, nor is it due to the problem of the computer on which one is dedicated to playing Apex legends. This is too frustrating because it doesn't take more than 20 minutes and the game takes you out without any warning, it's as if out of nowhere you pressed the "alt + F4" keys and that's it. Maybe other people and you as developers don't care or are happy that only some players decide to stop playing the game because of these same problems. In many places such as Twitter, Instagram, Steam Discussions among others, players continue to complain about this same problem and do not find a solution. In some cases using VPN works but in other cases it does not and as I mention again the problem is very Annoyingly, the collection event for the “Fuse” relic is approaching and they still haven't given any news about this or anything related and people are only hoping that they will be able to get some news about this, however other people just decided to leave the game . In my case I don't want to get to that because the game is very good, but I want as much as others for this problem to be solved as soon as possible. I know it is not easy because they must have pending problems such as events, other problems, game balances , ETC, but it would also be good for you to start thinking about the number of people who complain about this same problem and this problem may be a certain percentage of why the game didn't get as much HYPE. I hope this reaches you, the developers, or someone very close to you who can get this message to you.

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