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Anthem uses 100% CPU until it freezes up completely.

by TheRobgoblin

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Re: Anthem uses 100% CPU until it freezes up completely.

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Same here with core i5 6400 2.70 GHz, 16 gbs RAM and GTX 1060 3 gbs
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Re: Anthem uses 100% CPU until it freezes up completely.

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I have 8700k no OC and a 2080Ti with no overclock as well. I was playing no problem all night on Saturday. Changed nothing and logged in to play last night and crashed on title screen. That's when I discovered this black hole of problems I didnt know existed. I tried many fixes suggested here but found the one that worked for me just now. 


I had to update to latest drivers Nvidia 419.67 if you can get into the title screen you can make these changes there. If not, force them via Nvidia control panel. HDR has to be off if you're windows 10 and are using this latest driver. AA and Post Processing need to be turned down a single notch as it seems they are both bugged. I then had to turn my power target for my GPU down to 50%. Loaded into game fully and was able to play no problem. Still a tiny bit of micro stutter but at least I can play now. CPU usage fluctuations were all over the place from 45%-90% but temps are good so that's a non issue. Vsync is also on and I had to dumb down my 165hz monitor to 60hz and turn Gsync off for vsync to actually work. Playing full screen. Hope this helps anyone. 

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