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Anthem sound bug

by TheHiddenWaffles

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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iT IS 03/01/2019 all game sound cuts out have to exit game and restart. Very annoying.  Not watching or listening to anything else.

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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Happened twice to me today already. No other sounds are playing on my pc. Once with headset, once on my speakers. It just randomly cuts off.

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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I have found the only solution to get sound back to be to shutdown the console, unplug the power from the xbox for 10 seconds, then  restart the xbox which now should include Anthem in-game sound.

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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Happened to me every time i launch Anthem, will be great for about a hour and a half and than BAM, it goes quiet.

I have tried troubleshooting my monitor speakers to see if that would work, doesnt work.

I have tried front and rear audio jacks, nope that didnt work.

I even tried disabling and enabling the sound devices in volume mixer. 

Normally the last fix works if all else fails.

I than would restart the game and than have to go through the same issues again, as the sounds would only last for a short time.

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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After the server restart on 3/2/2019 it came back with a vengeance. I had this problem during the early release, but seem to have gone away after day 1 patch, only to have returned on 3/2 - worse than it was before. - PC  using a headset in stereo mode with no audio enhancements 

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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Just experienced this bug a few minutes ago in the open world game mode while fighting against a legionnaire (turret mech thing) and maybe 20+ or so other opponents.

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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Even after there "hotfix" i still get the sound bug. Its not often as it was. But when it does about 30 minutes after playing without sound the fps starts spiking to 10fps sometimes completely freezes the game. Some points when it freezes the game crashes without an error or anything.

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Re: Anthem sound bug

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me too, pc and latest release. happens when I have another video playing on a shared ultrawidescreen. have to restart the game for the sound to return.
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Re: Anthem sound bug

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I have this problem since the last patch. However, I found out it could be linked to frag grenades. Played all day without frag grenades and had no problem. Equiped frag grenades and lost all sounds on the first mission I played, during a heavy fight with a loooooot of booooom booommm every where.

For me, the problem occurs when I use frag grenades during a heavy fight.

Regards Standard smile
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Re: Anthem sound bug

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is there any news as to when this will be sorted out ?


im looking everywhere and cannot find a response from EA or Bio. 

was enjoying the game but i cant play in silence 

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