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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

by Foxbat40

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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So here is what I found, If I set my PC so it has no overclock on anything except the memory then nothing crashes except the game. Crashes once, then works fine for hours.  Anthem really needs to solve this right now.  Its Nuts.

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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After a few minutes I get a hard lock on my PC - not even a reboot.  This started after the Feb 28 patch drop (thanks for making a patch that demands 60GB of space to install).  


Things from the web that DIDN'T work:


1) Update driver - already have the latest driver

2) Force VSYNC on - still crashed hard no change

3) Make sure your stuff isn't overheating - this the only game that crashes like this.

4) Update system drivers - already have latest

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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Try debug mode in the nvidia control panel under help, it resets gpu clockspeeds to factory try that first. [dont  worrry u can switch it back on again if u want]

Some games are  also very sensitive for xmp profiles aswell, and cpu overclocking.



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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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Im uninstalling, Tried many things, some helped but at the cost of performance of my PC. I like the game but I don't think ill install another EA game on my PC. If they are going to release products that aren't stable its just a bad company. Every other game works on ultra settings, its just a bad build. To bad the game is actually fun imo.
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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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One peculiar crash happened to me today. This is not just another client crash, it seems it was induced by something in the game instance. Let me explain.


It looked as it was a server lag. E.g. when you see that you character model is moving, but not others. I was gaining on some colossus dude. Once I caught up my game crashed. When I rejoined the instance, at least two other members joined it as well. So, the crash was also of someone in my squad at the same time when I had it. 

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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I was getting crashes to desktop. Now I am getting BSOD. It says Memory Management as the cause. I think this means that the game is trying to write to an address that is out of bounds, a location that is outside of addressable space. 


This would also explain the PS4 issues. 


I hope Bioware can fix this. 

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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Ever since this morning I've had nothing but constant crashes to desktop in freeplay. It starts by not being able to interact with anything, resources, chests, mission items. Then within the next 10-20 minutes it will CTD.

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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Was not having any crash issues in demo or release and it just started * out on me today twice while running tyrant mines lost all my loot too also pretty fire effects started getting wonky weird
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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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I don't even have to play Anthem, just a few minutes ago was looking at origin closed it then really closed it by exiting through system tray and crashed my PC.  They have layers of crap that needs to be fixed.

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