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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

by iamjackburton

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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yeah ever since the latest patch i have had multiple chrashes as well, havent been able to finish one stronghold since the patch due to dc's and when i log back on i cant even get back into the session again....

so much for "fixing" the game with your patch. multiple bugs that should have been fixed is still there and its gotten worse since.

I'm guessing its the same dev's and problem shooters that works on swtor since it looks like the same trial and error issues,

every fix implements new or worse issues!

and while we are at it, wtf happen to the loot. i've done 8 +2 runs, 6 +2 world events, 2 +2 stronghold runs (that i could finish without chrashing) and the highest loot ive had was epic stuff..

what gives ? let me guess, you broke the loot tables as well ?


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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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For me it started crashing since after the Patch. Before everything went smooth. Great patch. 5/5 Stars, would Patch again

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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Yes, of course, many times. all drivers are up to date for every component on PC. I have even gone so far as to make a clone of the system scrap the system fresh install the entire thing and only install Origin and Anthem with drivers on a Windows partition and it still crashes every couple minutes.

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

[ Edited ]

If your PC is rebooting, it is likely hardware issue such as powersupply or heat and not the game.  Modern OP systems don't shutdown a system for a software issue 99% of the time.  Yeah, I know, unpopular reply, but it is the truth.  Yes, there are very rare instances where this isn't the truth, but it is likely Anthem is stressing one particular component more than any other game...I know it stresses the heck out of the CPU...and maybe that is exposing a weakness in your system that hasn't previously shown up. 


Me personally, I had an issue after I installed a new Vega64 vid card of my system crashing, until I upgraded my old PSU and now it is smooth on 4K Ultra. 


Believe or not what I posted, as you wish.  Hopefully one way or another the issue will get resolved for you.


I am NOT an EA employee, I am just a simple gamer like most everyone else here volunteering my help to those who may can use it .....That means I have to pay for my games just like you, lol.
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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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I tried DDU and then installed everything back on and still not helping. I have is i7-7820HK and GTX1080. I do not think this game is optimized for PC. With all the issues a game like Distiny has but it runs fantastic on my PC and I barely notice any connections or lag issues (my net speed is 100 mbps). I do not understand why this game performance is horrible. 

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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I considered my pc being the faulty one, so I did check temperatures, cpu sits stable at 70°C, gpu 50%, and I'm still able to run other games without issues, like battlefield V at highest, destiny, w/e... should I up my psu for an unoptimized game or sw?
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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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I posted the same problem just now. Occurred after the patch yesterday as far as i can tell. I have a decent system can run D2 on MAX settings and get steady 100FPS.  Anthem its rough to stay at 60FPS until I really dove deep on the 3D settings in Nvidia Ctrl.  Can't play play for more than 15-30 min even after a clean reinstall.  My PSu is 100W over what was recommended. and I checked everything from Drivers including BIOS all the way through, to Temps and Core load.  As Far as I can tell my PC isnt the issue and I still dont have problems running max settings at 100+FPS on any other game I play.


I attached the DxDiag incase someone from EA or Anthem looks into this.  


Really sad cause this game is cool

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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this is what i have done, 


uninstalled the driver clean installed them

uninstalled orgin reinstalled orgin 

reinstalled the game into a new ssd hard drive

ran lower setting 

ran medium settings 

ran recommenced settings

ran ultra settings 

ran it in window mode 

uninstalled nvida g force experience crap 

overclock my processor 

ran on stock settings

closed everything in the background 


After doing all of this the game still froze mid mission the most I have been able to play at one time has bee 30 mins then it crashes, you can still hear sounds in the background but the screen is frozen, you have to use task manager to end the game.  



IM on a


1080 ti 

16g ram

full custom loop.   


my temps never hit over 45c cpu, 55c gpu while in the game  so i know its not my temps  I dont know what else to do lol so i gave up on this game good thing i got it for free. If i would of payed the 60$ i dont know what i would of done.   ONLY game that does this, not even HITMAN2  and the game actually puts my water loop to work!!! fix this bioware the game is actually fun 





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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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I've gotten freezes that crash my computer totally, never happened during the VIP demo or open demo only since release (premier access 15th). I've lowered graphics to low and its the same intervals between freezes.

i7-8700k (un-clocked)
RX-480x 8gb (tried de-clocking it and overclocking it, same issue persists)
16gb RAM.

Win 10


Latest drivers for graphic card (amd 19.2.2, also happened with my previous driver 19.0.1)

It happens anywhere from freeplay to any mission through the campaign as well as when endgame starts. Never happened when in Fort Tarsis though.

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Re: Anthem keeps crashing PC

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Did I say reboot(crash) no, Program  (Anthem) crash, Origin stays open, computer runs fine, origin runs reports no errors, computer reports no errors, ANTHEM DEAD CRASH KICK BACK TO SYSTEM. Restart Anthem in couple seconds get back in repeat. If the COMPUTER CRASHED I would trouble shoot components but as every other game program device and HARDWARE I design with works I I narrow it down to the one that doesn't.

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