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Anthem crash on ps4

by BigRussianBear97

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Anthem crash on ps4

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Product: Anthem
Platform:Sony Playstation 4
Please specify your platform model. Sony PlayStation 4 Pro
Please select your region North America
Were you on an Expedition when the issue occurred? Yes
What type of Expedition were you on when the issue occurred? Mission
What was the name of the Mission / Contract / Stronghold you were on? Mission: Dear Diary
What was your chosen difficulty level? Hard
What Javelin were you using when the issue occurred? Interceptor
What was your Expedition team makeup? Random Freelancers
Where did this issue occur? Please include menu name or in game location. Unknown
When did this happen? ( hh:mm) 25/02/19 18:30 EST
Summarize your bug launched a story mission called "Dear Diary" half way through the mission where you face off a Titan. After defeating the Titan game crashed. tried to join back in straight away to continue the expedition but then the same thing occurred again, Anthem crashed. This again happened a second time, then after the third i was not given the option to rejoin the mission and sent me back to the fort.
How often does the bug occur? Often (50% - 99%)
Steps: How can we find the bug ourselves? Play the game?
What happens when the bug occurs? Application of game closes and shows me Anthem Error
What should be happening instead? A normal playthrough without any bugs or crashes

Played a story mission called "Dear Diary" and half way in, game crashes. tried to rejoin the expedition twice and the game crashed yet again.


the third time it no longer gave me the option to rejoin the expedition. so I go back to the fort, look at my missions and its just GONE! A part of the story just wiped because of a crash. This incident has made my decision to not play the game until all of the problems for Anthem be resolved.


I will not stand to waste my time until the game is fixed, it is unacceptable to have a critical story mission disappear. I will not play any further because I do not want to ruin my experience from this game 

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Re: Anthem crash on pc

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On my pc version, I would see the icon on the map displaying the “Dear Diary” mission. But there is no NPC to talk to, in order to activate it. So now I have a mission I can complete.

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Re: Anthem crash on ps4

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This has happened to me four times now. Everytime has been after defeating the Titan and before finishing the next objective at Talons base. Also this is on hard difficulty.
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Re: Anthem crash on ps4

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This happened to me twice but my PS4 wouldn't turn back on & the first time I had to pay Sony $168 to get it fixed & less than a month later it happened again. I noticed that it sends error unable to retrieve pilot data & E.A. server connection issuse before it crashes the system to the point it doesn't turn on anymore.
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