Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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This has something to do with the bug i think, because messing with settings (turning 50hz on and off, changing 120hz to 60hz back and forth, and a few other ones) will randomly make my aim assist work correctly and no slippery feeling


sometimes it doesn’t work tho. Then i go in controller settings and mess with ALCs turn it on off on off change values etc, and randomly it’ll have me fragging out with the most insane aim assist literally making it feel completely normal


like i said that’s SOMETIMES. Past 3 days i haven’t been able to get my bug to go away. Super weird


been dealing with this problem for 4-5 seasons now btw.

Super easy to tell when on ur flight path if the bug is active or not. Try aiming at other teams while ur flying and it will literally drag ur crosshair onto them if it’s working correctly. If not, u won’t have aim assist on them- at all

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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There's no fix coming. The game is just broken for me now. Frustrating beyond belief to be beamed from across the map by rank 34s when I can't hold a target at all.


What I've not mentioned before is that I have a connection to a Respawn dev; they reached out to me when I was complaining about the aim assist on Twitter. They very graciously offered to submit the bug internally, along with all the clips I've grabbed of it failing.


QA couldn't replicate it. Which means there's no route to fixing it.


The reality is this is the worst kind of bug to try and fix; it affects a fraction of the player base, it's intermittent and inconsistent, and it's not being replicated on the QA setup, which means there's no information for the devs to work with to track it down.


Edit: My last resort is getting a shiny fresh new joypad and see if I still have the issue, but that'll have to wait a while.

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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Bro, try what I said:


clean your controller/unplug and plug back in multiple times. 

change resolution, 1440-4k 60/120fps and vice versa. (Turn on your Xbox, open apex, leave it on main menu, switch resolution, go back into apex) 


Then, lol, turn ALCs on and off or switch from classic to ALCs then back to classic etc. ALSO, “reset” settings and then input your desired settings again. 

Also, switch your DNS/Port number/clear MAC address <——- these alone could fix the problem, I’m not sure what is working but one or ALL of these coupled together are making mine work bro… idk which/why but it’s worked twice now. Consistently, all night… 


I literally cannot tell you how much happier I am in everyday life knowing I’m not insane and can play apex again hahahahah… My mood is so much more uplifted now lol


Other fixes may be, switch apex servers off your home server. 

God-Speed. I’ll keep checking to try and help you. 

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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I have been following this topic for the last few months. 


Ever since there is a new firing range, some dolls have auto-aim, whilst others don't. It is so frustrating and it has a very negative effect on my warming ups.


I don't understand how this has not been fixed yet so many months in.


PS4 player here.

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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I regret to inform you that it’s also happening in game, you may just not realize sometimes thinking “I whiffed/I suck” etc when in reality it could be you actually just had zero aim assist and the enemy did. Pay close attention next time you play and you’ll notice your in-game sense feels faster/more loose than it should. 

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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@sketchseven IMO, doesn't make much sense... What was their input on the firing range bug, and why it was removed from the Trello board then? Did they acknowledge the inconsistency in your clips, and just chalk it up to a "who knows" or stop replying.

They couldn't find a fix for that either, so they just removed it from existence?

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if it was the firing range itself that caused the bug, just like when the introduced the nemesis and said there was a piece of coding wrong that was effecting in game audio.

The lack of accountability is honestly pretty pathetic. I can't imagine pulling that same sort of behavior with a client in the corporate world.
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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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Well, I think my ritual worked & I messed it up by turning ALCs completely off and back on as well as aim assist off and back on.. After messing that up it NEVER felt the same.. even after I restarted Xbox, hard reset etc. 


This is so f u c k I n g depressing, omg man…


Bye Apex, whom I’ve spent 5k+ dollars on, put in 7880 hours/325+ DAYS, 81k kills, 25 Million damage, 4.3k wins, 4.24 k/d…. All for what? To essentially get nerfed? I don’t understand what’s going on? 

How about INTEGRATING AN ANTI-CHEAT for the Cronus and strike packers who are already ruining the game for me in these cheater lobbies you stick me in? How about fixing MMR? How about SBMM?? What about these BOT weapons you put in the game for the new player base? Let’s just give the spitfire 55 rounds again, why not? None of it matters anymore, just destroy the entire game, might as well, who cares? Y’all obviously don’t lmaoooooo. This almooooooost feels like they’re trolling, I literally cannot fathom this, we’re definitely living in a simulation 100% confirmed by Respawn, cool, thanks guys. Add more trans characters cause WOW so cooooool, aim assist? What’s that? NEMESIS!!! Wooohoooo!! Drop into the Apex Games ohhhh yeah!!!!!

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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I didn't get that much information and it was someone doing me a favour, so I don't want to get into too much detail. I also don't want to bash the Respawn devs.

My recollection of the firing range bug from the beginning of season 17 was that was able to be replicated by QA (I think there's an early post from an EA rep in this very thread that mentions it, but says the issue in game is more 'nebulous'), and they released a patch – which I assume solved the issue as far as QA was concerned, so it was marked as 'fixed' and dropped from the Trello. In much the same way that they thought they'd fixed the broken spawns in Control, and then that patch didn't take.


There's clearly a bunch of us who, for whatever reason, are still getting issues with inconsistent aim assist. I played a bunch of Mixtape last night to knock out the non-BR weekly challenges; aim assist inconsistent as ever, including the 'doubled up' state where it is yanking my aim after targets.


My best guess right now is there's a conflict in the settings, somewhere, that causes aim assist to trigger as expected in some circumstances, not trigger at all a lot of the time, and sometimes it will trigger twice and 'stack' the effect.


But other than keep pounding the drum here and on social media channels to say it's not working properly, there's little more we can do at this point.


Does that suck? Yes. Yes it does. Apex is my FPS, the only one I play online. I've been fully in since the very end of season 5 on XBOX. It sucks that it's like this. 

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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I literally don’t do anything but work, exercise & then come home and sit & stare at my setup wishing I could play, riddled with anxiety knowing when I start it up I most likely won’t have AA & will be disappointed af and die to some bot with a spitfire because I can’t stick onto them. 

I’m almost positive the AA is going from: Off, .4, .6 over & over & over again. Non stop, never finding its home. Mostly ‘off’ completely. 

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Re: Aim assist is broken. Only works sometimes.

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Yea agreed. Seems more like it’s going from 0 to .2 aim assist. Wouldn’t even say more than that

 When i get up close for a hip fire fight that’s when it feels like there’s absolutely zero aim assist. It’s embarrassing the way my aim jumps all over the place. 

just for validity i have 40k lifetime kills and a couple pred splits. Been playing since the day the game came out. I know what it’s suppose to feel like and this absolutely isn’t it. Something’s wrong

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