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[ARCHIVED] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

by rostsit

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Re: Get to Work - Police Station Glitches

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Just noticed this. I haven't attempted the detective career in some time & decided to try in my new game but first there were no clues at the crime scene (only witnesses) & now the suspect is MIA. Very disappointing. I'm going to try quitting & restarting (since it's my first case) so hopefully I'll have better luck.


Edit: Quit/restart went ok. The first time I started the crime map was full (I assume because you're 'helping' a senior detective) but the second time it was blank & when I went to the crime scene the clues were there. Unfortunately, they were really wrong. I couldn't seem to take a screenshot of the clues, but they were:


The suspect is wearing a long sleeve shirt. (Correct)


The suspect is a young adult. (Wrong, teen)


The suspect is wearing a skirt. (Wrong, jeans)


The suspect is female. (Correct)


The suspect is Hot Headed (No idea.)


The suspect has red hair. (Wrong, Black)


So, 2 clues out of 6. Those are bad odds. Disappointed


It took Bjorn literally pointing to her & saying, "Isn't that her right there?" I was like, "Uhhhh..... no? But sure, if you say so..." 


Didn't have time to interrogate, wasted it all looking for a non-existent red headed skirt wearing young adult. In fact, I brought her back to the station & my sim immediately headed for the chess table while her 'suspect' jogged off. Sim justice at it's finest. :eahigh_file:

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Re: Detective Career

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I had the sam issue the only thing right was the gender. (this was my first case) then I arrested a ghost who was female and when I got to the station she wasn't there..

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Re: Detective Career

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I have recently been experiencing the same bug. Never had this issue before, but it has been awhile since I've joined this career.


I saved my game at the start of the working day, tried to find the suspect in multiple locations and reloaded the game at the end of the day to try again. It took me 4 redoes to get the suspect to appear and even then I randomly picked someone because I didn't trust the clues any more.


Suspect was supposedly:

  • Young adult
  • Female
  • Brown hair (incorrect: black and purple)
  • Ambitious (incorrect)
  • Blouse
  • Slacks

EDIT: it seems like there's a new possibly related bug: when I ask sims if they've seen the suspect, I get no notification of what they're saying. Very annoying, since I was able to catch the suspect last time by looking for the 'Isn't that them?' message.

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Re: Detective Career

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I have the same problem. the clue is not correct , when I ask sims if they've seen the suspect no response. Is frustrating . This bug persist and not correct with any patch!

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Re: Detective Career

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I'm having the same problem.... I can't advance my detective career because no one ever shows up matching the clues....

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Re: Detective Career

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So instead of  going  by the clues, I just arrested the person someone pointed to... who was NOT a young adult, did NOT have a jacket, and had BLACK not blond hair.... and it was correct!

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Detective: Suspect not at station/becomes chief of police

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Just wanted to say it seems odd.. I'm still having serious issues with the Detective career and its been two years since this thread began.  Its to the point where no clue on any case ever matches anyone.  The performance meter goes down to poor because the 'ask about suspect' action doesn't work at all either so your only recourse is to arrest every single person on the lot and hope you eventually find the suspect.  If it weren't for the fact that I'm trying for a supersim challenge where every career is needed to complete I wouldn't bother with this obviously and game breakingly broken career.  I hate using cheats but at this point, the only way to complete this career track is the career promotion cheat.


*no mods or cc in game and still these issues persist.

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Re: [OPEN] [GTW] Detective: Suspect not at station/becomes chief of police


@Duhgirl2u2 merged your post to the correct thread on that

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Detective career clue glitch

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So I've had this problem a few times when playing as a sim with the detective career. I'll go to a crime scene and be told to collect clues etc, but there are no clues ANYWHERE. I'll stand and 'Look for clues' everywhere I possibly can but nothing shows up. This means I then fail that day etc. Anyone else had that problem, and more importantly, know how to solve it?

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Re: Detective career clue glitch

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This is a known bug. You can read more about it in the bug forum.

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