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[ARCHIVED] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

by rostsit

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

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This thread has been open two years so I'm guessing there is little point in pointing out I also have this issue but I'm so frustrated it's worth a try!  I can't find a fix and am annoyed at paying for the expansion pack then only being able to play two of the three careers.  This is the first expansion pack I've bought for the game (for the record I don't use any custom content) and I'm not impressed.  Please fix this EA!!!!!

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

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I'm doing the Not So Berry Challenge and for that you have to be in the detective career for one of the generations.  Unfortunately I also have the suspect not showing up bug and it's ruining the challenge for me.  I can't believe this has been broken for 2 years!!!  Why aren't game breaking bugs being fixed?

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

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Same. Im just going to change it to the secret agent career because this is never going to be fixed
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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

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There probably isn't any point in even replying, but I still wanted to add in a "me too" for this issue. I just got the Get to Work extension a couple weeks ago. The doctor and science careers run just fine, but the detective one is impossible. Right now my clues are a young adult male with red hair, wearing jeans and a short sleeved t-shirt and with the ambitious trait. When I put out the APB it takes me to the museum in Willow Creek. My sim has gone there 3 days in a row trying to find the suspect and he's never there. There's only one male with red hair, but other than that nothing else about him fits the clues. I've already tried quitting and restarting the career and it changes nothing. And I keep getting yelled at by the chief because I can't close the case.

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

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Another "it's been years so this is probably a waste of time, but..." comment. After a long time of talking to witnesses I was apparently looking for a suspect who was male, female, a teen, a young adult, was wearing wearing a blouse, a t-shirt, shorts, and a skirt, and had red hair and blonde hair. In desperation I resorted to just trying to arrest everyone in sight, and eventually managed to arrest an adult female with black hair wearing a dress. Brilliant work!


On top of that the "search for clues/take photos" mechanic is a bit broken and tedious, and issuing citations is often impossible. How this career has remained so broken for so long I will never know. Oh, wait, it's EA...

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up


I'm going to lock this thread for 2 reasons


  1. Doesn't have the bug template
  2. Is an issue that was there, then fixed and now is back. The issue was different in the beginning and has since evolve in many ways. The OP does not necessarily represent this bug how it is now

I have made a new thread which can be used instead.

Happy Gaming


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