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Re: [GTW] Detective Suspect Does Not Exist

by asarnecki

Original Post

Re: Detective career clue glitch


Hi @hannahmid9656


I merged your post with existing bug report

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Re: [GTW] Incorrect suspect traits

★★★★★ Newbie

The other day I deleted all my old games and started fresh.  So,  there's nothing about old evidence that could be causing a problem.  I'm having the same issue, every clue is wrong.  Even gender was wrong on my first case.  This has to be a bug that came with that last update.

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Detective Career - Glitch

★★★★ Novice

Hi all. So my detective career has always worked fine. Up until now. I collect every piece of evidence and process all of it, giving me about 7 clues in the notebook. However, when i get to the area where my suspect is meant to be there is no one fitting that description. I ask around and i don't get any responses from anyone. Also, on my list of things to do back at the police station i still have the option to go back to the crime scene. This never used to happen once the crime scene was processed. 


I am at my wits end. I have tried repairing, quitting the career and going back in (this works as a fix for the first case and then goes back to not working after that). i have no mods in my game. Nothing to suggest why it is happening. I don't want to have to quit my career every time i want to start a new case and i my sim will never get ahead this way. 


Anyone have any ideas? 


Thank you, Danni

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Re: Detective Career - Glitch

@Pocketsworld it's a known bug, your post has been merged with the one about it. 


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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up


I've just started the Detective career for the first time and also have encountered clues being wrong. During my first case tutorial, the clue pointed towards a young adult, but the correct suspect I arrested was a teenager.


On my second case, the clues pointed correctly to an elder male wearing a tank top, I could see him immediately when I arrived at the APB location and he was kinda of obvious because it was a townie I'd never ever seen before.


But now I'm on my third case and the clues were totally inaccurate, saying the suspect was a gloomy blond teenage girl in a jacket and jeans, when the guilty suspect I managed to eventually solve the case with was an elder male who was also my police officer's colleague working as the Lab Tech at the police station.


I'm going to go with the clues being bugged inaccurate on that last one, although I'd be really impressed if the game developers put that one in on purpose because the criminal was one of my co-workers and messing with the evidence...


Aside from that, I'm enjoying the detective career so far.

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

★★★★ Novice

I never had this bug before and now I do.  The game said the suspect was female, slacks, jacket, brown hair.  The only one who showed up was a blond with a male haircut and not even the unisex hair but one of the male hairstyles behind still behind the filter.  I tried it again at a different location she showed up again so I assume that as who I was supposed to arrest.   But I didn't my Sim clocked out for the day. Wrong clues equaled wrong hair.

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

★★★★ Novice

Thank you I am having the same problem, but next time I'll listen to the townies, lol. 

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Re: [GTW] Detective Suspect Does Not Exist

★★★ Newbie

I am having the exact same issues. I have gone back to the police station at least 3 times in one shift just to go back out to Issue the APB and I have not come across the suspect yet. I have lost job performance over arresting the wrong suspect twice now. 

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Re: [GTW] Detective Suspect Does Not Exist

[ Edited ]
★★★★ Novice

I have also been having this issue. I would go to issue an APB and the suspect would never be there no matter how long I stayed there. 

I managed to fix the issue and find the correct suspect by shift-clicking on a sim that was there, taking them into CAS then exiting. I believe this caused the lot to reload and the correct suspect to spawn in. This problem has only occurred twice for me but this solution seems to have worked both times. Hope it helps x

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Re: [OPEN] Incorrect suspect traits/Suspect doesn't show up

★★★ Newbie

I still haven't found the suspect!

I have been asking around however the notifs don't come up saying what they said. I decided to start arresting anyone i saw however i still haven't found the suspect and my job performance is low. Disappointed

@rostsit wrote:

Bug or intended? I had like 10 cases in my detective career, and during them all clues were absolutely right. But during my latest one all clues (discovered max possible) were WRONG except for one (suspect - female)! I tried to find suspect during several workdays, and found it by chance when trusted some random townie showing me female sim that had nothing to do with the clues.


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