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[ARCHIVED] Gallery Counter not working correctly

by Lordkiribati

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How do you fix a gallery glitch?

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What do you do if your gallery says you have shared 4,294,967,261 items?


Even if I spent every waking moment on this game clicking to share items I wouldn't think I could get up in the billions of shares...


Not to mention that it makes me look extremely unpopular and since I have 4 followers, I would say, I am already doing a good enough job of that on my own. However it looks even worse that I have so many shares and only 1200 downloads... That is really sad, even for me.


I tried to submit a bug error report but when I got to "complete request" it only gave me the option to come to this area and look around or leave a message.  So hopefully someone will see this and be able to help me out?


Sincerely, F

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Re: How do you fix a gallery glitch?

Do you have any mods or CC (custom content)? Try taking that out.
See this for more information: [PLEASE READ] Usage of Mods and Custom Content 


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Re: How do you fix a gallery glitch?

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No I do not have any mods or anything. Also I have no items in my gallery right now as I deleted them all a few months ago. I started building again and was checking out my gallery and noticed the total shares.

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Re: How do you fix a gallery glitch?


Hi @faerieflower


merged with existing thread


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Happy Gaming


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Gallery says 40000+ shared items

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In-game gallery says I have over 40000+ items shared.


I certainly have not shared that many items in under 150 hours of my overall game play. <--- full size screenshot here, the uploaded picture here is really small imo.



Any ideas?

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Re: Disappearing Downloads

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Wow popular building. I know how you feel though. Lol seems extraordinary. =)

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Re: [OPEN] Gallery Counter not working correctly

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Seems like maybe something broke in an update? I imagine EA will be looking at it with so many people having the same kinds of issues.

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Re: [OPEN] Gallery Counter not working correctly

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i have a similar issue nothing to do with my downloads but with my followers it says i have 4 but when i go to check my followers it only shows i have two 

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Gallery followers issue

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having an issue with the gallery and have had this issue for a while now but when i go to my profile on the gallery (in-game) it says i have 4 followers but when i go to check whos following me it shows i only have 2 and its a bit confusing

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Re: My 4294967293 uploads?!

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After todays maintenance the counter of followers jumped again. In my case it used to be wrong by about 50, now it's wrong by >100. I can tell the number is wrong, since the correct number of followers is displayed when you view the followers list. Why is this happening? Also there's an easy solution - just link the counter to the correct number from the followers list.


Also, the wrong number of shared items and the wrong number of favs on older creations (creations from before ~06/2016 seem to be affected) is still an issue which hasn't been corrected.


Any chance those gallery issues will be fixed?

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