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[ARCHIVED] Disappearing Sims aka Culling

by crinrict

Original Post

Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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My Goth family is gone, the Calient , Lothario and even a family I created and had living in a house in town. I thought only homeless sims disappeared. My game doesn't follow that rule.I lost my legacy family.When can this bug be fixed? I play online and game is patched.

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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I lost a kid today, my sims boy just disappeared, when I went looking for him, up in the notifcation box it said he'd been taken for lack of use, bull, used him alot. When I used the resetsim feature it said he didn't exist Frown

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

★★★ Newbie

My sim's fiance disappeared today Frown


  1. When did the Sims disappear ? >>> don't know. My sim did not find him for few days.
  2. Are the Sims homeless or living somwhere ? >>> homeless
  3. Are they played or unplayed ? >>> unplay
  4. What age group did they have ? >>> adults
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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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I just had this issue tonight while playing. My sim needs to have 10 friends in order to be promoted. I was getting him to meet random townies and become friends with them. However, the next day, some of them would disappear from his relationship panel and his friend count went down. Ive read i need to move sims into houses to 'fix' this. However, I don't want to keep these sims, I just want my sim to get promoted. How can ge get 10 friends, if they keep disappearing? It's getting really frustrating and yes I have the latest patch install.

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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I had this issue previously, before the patch, started a new family and moved them into Oasis Springs from Willow Creek, and didn't have it happen again. I then moved their offspring back into Willow Creek and had no issues until these sims had a child (so I think gen 3 or 4) and it's occuring again.


  1. When did the Sims disappear ? Overnight (I think), the day after meeting.
  2. Are the Sims homeless or living somwhere ? Not sure.
  3. Are they played or unplayed ? Unplayed.
  4. What age group did they have ? Child.
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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

[ Edited ]
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I haven't played much yet, but this bug happened to me this weekend. Can't imagine I have 180 sims in the neighborhood - I only have one family I play, and I haven't done much yet.


Briefly: Sister and brother grew up in Brooke Bungalow (parents died when they were teens). I moved out the young adult brother to his own house (Crick Cabana) and played him for several sim days. Went back to the sister's house for awhile - got her engaged and pregnant, but the brother wasn't in her friends list when it came time to invite wedding guests. I thought it strange, but moved on and kept playing the sister. Two kids and a marriage later, I went back to the brother, but the only option was to play him in the Brooke Bungalow. I tried, but the house was all walls down and no furniture, and no sims were there. Tried one more time to play him in his own house, but it still wouldn't work.


I decided to move him to a new lot, built him a house, and now all seems well. Re-checked the sister - everyone is there and she can call him again. I realize this mini-fix doesn't help those with disappearing children, but it worked for a single missing adult - and he was able to keep his furniture for the move. 


Specific answers: 


1. 10-10-14

2. They were all living somewhere - he had been in his home for several days, and his sister and her family were still in their original home.

3. They were both played households - the only two played in the game.

4. Young adults. Brother disappeared sometime after sister got engaged and pregnant. 


EDIT: a few hours later was playing again - brother met a townie at the gym and they became boyfriend / girlfriend. took him home and he can't call her because she doesn't show up in phone or relationship panels. I'm ticked!! She was perfect. I don't know why she would've vanished so soon after he met her - there wasn't even one night between - just a few sim hours.


1. 10-12-14 after playable sim returned from gym to home lot

2. She was a townie - not sure if she was living anywhere - Rowan Rees was the name

3. She was not my playable sim

4. Adult. 



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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

★★★★ Novice

Interestingly I found that using the testingcheats and going into CAS for sims that I meet seems to keep them in the relationship panel, do they become higher on the keeping priority as if I've played them? 2 of my sims met a bunch of sims at the park, one of which I went into CAS for, that one sim stayed in the relationship panel until the next day while everyone else disappeared. Can someone else test this as an (annoying) temporary fix?

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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I thought the last update has solved the problem, but now the ghosts are disappearing instead of alive sims. When I hover the mouse over a urn, the name of the sim is replaced by "____". Maybe it's the same problem, they just didn't apply the solution to ghosts, that came in the same update.


PS: English isn't my first language, sorry any mistakes

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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How annoying the "fix" is to stop playing your game and move random sims into houses. Seriously? That's the fix? So my sim meets 10 sims and I have to move them all into houses? 

The more I find out about this game the worse it gets. I have spent all morning looking for mods to make this game playable. I even considered using a friend cheat, which I never do, just to fulfill friend promotion requirements. 

This is just dumb. 

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

★★★★ Newbie



All townies keep dissapearing regardless of age group, when my sims meet someone on a different lot they are not in their relationship panel when they return home. I have just checked my neighbourhood and only ghosts live in the houses (I have never played with any of them). What is common as well: they do not have name. When I tried to move such a ghost out of the hous the whole game has crashed.


I do not really understand why is this bug considered as partially solved...

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