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[ARCHIVED] Disappearing Sims aka Culling

by crinrict

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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I'm also having deceased sims disappear-- they will disappear from the relationship panel (where they used to just be greyed out to show that they were deceased) and their tombstone has a _____ in lieu of a name.

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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It's happened to me a few times.  Maybe they are dying before disappearing, but they're not showing up in the relationship panel of their kids/spouses/siblings/etc. so I have no way of knowing.  (Also None of them have been elders so I don't see why they'd die why I wasn't playing them.)  So far, twice it was a Sims-created person that I married into my family-tree-families - but the first time, it was my original, first ever made Sim (for that one, I reloaded an old save to get him back).    For the most recent one, the day I loaded the game was yesterday - Wednesday the 1st - and the last time I had played before that was Sunday or Monday, I think.

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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I thought I was having this issue but could never remember sims names and who I interacted with. Now, it is now confirmed, though it does also evoke another already listed bug. I'm playing a modified legacy and had my eldest get married to a sim (Logan Serna). They had a baby who lived with the mom. Upon marriage the prompt never came to move them in together or anything. At the end of the night Logan went home and would not return because she was "sleeping." The next sim morning I went to have my sim call her to get this sorted (move mom and baby in and then move them all onto another lot to keep this disappearance from happening), well she's officially gone from my relationship panel, and I can't find her in the world, but my sim still has the married moodlet. The strangest part is his daughter (a baby born the day before the wedding) is on his panel, but he can't do anything with her or despite never meeting her they are friends. 


  1. When did the Sims disappear? 2 Oct 20114 at 2100ish (In game sometime betweenn 2330 - when the party ended - and 800 - when my sim woke up)
  2. Are the Sims homeless or living somwhere ? I think she was homeless, I've checked the houses and didn't see her there but I didn't really look until she disappeared.
  3. Are they played or unplayed ? Unplayed
  4. What age group did they have ? Young Adult

No mods, no cc, gaming rig with more than basic requirements. 


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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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So I realized I was missing another played character; I didn't notice before but it happened at the same time - a played teenager disappeared from one of my other familes.  She is totally gone from everyone's relationship panel - parents, siblings, etc - like she never existed.


This is making it very difficult to have fun playing different families if every time I switch families or load the game, there's a chance someone will have gone totally missing.

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Friend and Acquaintance keep disappear the next day

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If I make friends or meet the new sims, they always dissapear from my network list for next day and this make things hard for me get a promotion

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sims 4 relationships disappear

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I have one sim in my household and everytime she makes any friends or even meets new people they completely disappear from the relationship tab overnight! This has happened on 3 different households now, the only relationships that dont seem to disappear are others who live in the same household. This is making the game unplayable! Any suggestions?
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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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Does anybody have any kind of solution to this? The only sims that stay in my relationship panel are ones I've created myself. Now after carrying on playing for a while, when I travel to other places I'm only ever seeing my own sims (from other households) which means I can't make any friends or get promotipns etc. It's like the sims are completely disappearing. I am in the process of reinstalling the game as this didn't happen to me in the first few days of playing. Having emailed EA and going through all of their suggestions and them refusing to believe it is clearly a bug I'm at the end of my tether!
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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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The only "solution" we know this far, isn't really a solution, but more of a work around. Like you say, those you've created yourself is not disappearing. This is not necessarily because you made them yourself, but because they are living in houses. It is mainly sims without houses, so called townies that disappears, although it has been reported disappearings of all kinds of sims.


The only "solution" we know, is to move the households/families you want to keep into houses. This way, they get higher priority than townies.

Reinstalling will not help, as the problem is guaranteed to reoccur when population (both dead and living) reach 180.



I've also tried to contact EA support, but they've only given me a very bad picture of the EA company. They litterally lie to me, giving me fake advice instead of admitting that we're dealing with an unsolveable issue at this point.

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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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I'm not just missing a few sims, I'm missing just about all of them. Today I noticed my entire Willow Creek town and most of Oasis Springs is empty, meaning no played or unplayed households are showing except three in Oasis Springs - one I created and two that came with the game. Every single house in Willow Creek is empty. I'm missing the Goths and Roomies, both which I had played previously. The household manager lists all households, but all of them but three don't show any sims (just the backstories that come with the game), and the "move household" button is grayed out and says I can't move the household into a lot because the household is empty. This is infuriating and sounds like a bigger problem than what others have been experiencing. Any help would be appreciated.


  1. When did the Sims disappear ? Noticed today, 10/5, but could have been sooner.
  2. Are the Sims homeless or living somwhere ? Living in homes
  3. Are they played or unplayed ? Played and unplayed
  4. What age group did they have ? All
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Re: [Common] Disappearing Sims

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  1. When did the Sims disappear ?  Within sim hours of my sim meeting them.  In one case, 10 sim minutes after my sim phone-chatted with one.
  2. Are the Sims homeless or living somwhere ?  I can't say for all of them, but the 3 I do know were not in the world.
  3. Are they played or unplayed ?  Unplayed.
  4. What age group did they have ?  Various - YA female, YA male, Adult male, Elder male, & Elder female.  These are from 3 separate incidences of disappearance within one sim week of me starting a new game with a new sim.

They are disappearing at random times throughout the day & on different days.  The phone chatting incident took place on a sim Monday morning, less than 24 sim hours after she lost the first 2 sim acquaintances she had met.  She then attempted to befriend 2 more sims the next day, & they were both gone by the next morning ( in sim time ).



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