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Re: Conversation queue limit bugged

@apincas It's best if you made a fresh thread. This one doesn't use the template yet.

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Re: Conversation queue limit bugged

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So I have no where else to post, so I am posting here, there is an annoying glitch involving Sims having conversations where while they are talking, something causes them to auto cancel talking to one another, even when there is an action queued for talking via a friendly interaction, funny, ect. I looked and there is no thread that talks about the issue I'm having which is super disappointing.

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Re: Conversation queue limit bugged

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Hi @HazeMan1990,

You can post through a new bug report thread if you'd like to report a similar bug to what was flagged in this thread from 2015. To make a new bug report, head to the bug board and select 'New report'. From there a bug report template will load and will ask for necessary information to be filled out.

I'll lock this thread in the meantime as it's an old report and things are likely to have changed since with updates and patches that a new report is needed with relevant current information to continue the conversation.

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