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Re: Beloved trait

by Phantomlover1717

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Re: [WORK IN PROGRESS] Relationships get lost (aka Relationship Culling)

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My Sim had her relationship culled right after flirting with her husband. They are now acquaintances, when they had been married, best friends and almost soulmates!
If it helps at all she is pregnant in her 2nd trimester, and her husband is an alien.

I have recently completely uninstalled, and re-installed the game to try fixing other bugs. Unfortunatley, it seems worse now than before, with more bugs than I can count! 
I do not have any CC or Mods Installed.

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Re: [WORK IN PROGRESS] Relationships get lost (aka Relationship Culling)


Did you switch households ?

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Beloved trait

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So, relationships are something that seem to fall really quickly in my game. By the time my sims gets to hang out with one person, four others are already no longer her friend. So I worked the friendship aspiration to get the trait Beloved. Thing is, it isn't working. My sim spent all her time with her Grandma, her parents and her brother along with other friends but when she got married, I had her have a honeymoon with her husband and they had twins. Now her family's just acquaintances even though she had the beloved trait. I understand the friends that called when she was on her -HONEYMOON- to hang out but she said no, their friendship level went down. But her family didn't call. 

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Re: Beloved trait

@Sysomi merged your post with an existing bug post about this issue.


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