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BF5 Update.

by JinShepard

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Re: Bug Id_Sparta right now in battlefield V by new update fail

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@l_Black-Shadow_I Thanks mate
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BF5 Update.

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Battlefield 5 has a update!


And it redownloads the entire game (30 gig)...



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ID sparta

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How to fix ID sparta bug after update BF5

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Re: BF5 Update.

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updated and can not play anymore got some ID Sparta BUG

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Re: ID sparta

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Je viens d'avoir la même chose c'est quoi ce truck ? 

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Re: weird label naming in menus and unable to go online...

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@ohtep Same issue on my ps4 pro.
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@EA_Atic Same issue on my ps4 pro. I have restarted the game and my console. But i still have the same problem. 

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Re: BF5 Update.

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@TheBorg1of7Hi, I ve the same bug, fixed with > go to documents > Battlefield V > delete all the folder except settings (for me Screenshots and twinkle). Hope it ll help you.

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Re: Bug Id_Sparta right now in battlefield V by new update fail

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Hey @javicastiole14  Try doing a power cycle on the console and then go it to the game and see if it ask you for an update. 


  1. Turn off the ps4.
  2. Remove the power cable.
  3. Wait at least 30 seconds.
  4. Plug the power cable into the PS4
  5. Start the PS4. 



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Re: BFV won't launch after Origin update today

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@1_POMMY_1 I am having this too. I have been trying to restart game and my ps4, I checked my language settings. I don't know what to do. EA help us!
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