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Re: Something I think Be A Pro NEEDS!

by EA_Aljo

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Something I think Be A Pro NEEDS!

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As someone who gets NHL every year and at least plays 1 season of my BAP career every year there is something that this game needs to have. I would love for them to add the ability to import and continue your career over games as each year passes. I am aging with these games as they evolve why not have my character age with me as I play instead of having to restart as a new player each year and never have stats build up. I know it would take away from building them up and earning things with each game but as someone who has played BAP every year since it was released on these games it would have been awesome to see what I've done with my EA NHL career over the years. It would break stat stuff and trophies and other stuff for doing certain things but I'd be okay with that if something like this was added. Maybe make that specific option in BAP not earn certain trophies if they are accumulated and you're already there but have first NHL goal trophies and others like that be earned with first ones in the new game. Then for if someone played multiple years in their BAP career on one game then average their stats from the years into one years worth of stats for that game. It wouldn't be too hard for them to make that work. Then if they were on multiple teams either use the team they played the most games with or if some were the same the one they performed best with on their stats after they were averaged for that year.

I think It just gets old having to restart each year as a "rookie" even though I've been playing these games since they added BAP to them. I think it would be a good option for veterans of the series and BAP specifically if you wanted that option to continue your career through the games since you basically are doing just that. I know I would love this option for sure. Picking up where you left off stat wise and team wise would be really nice with each game of the series. Then you would actually have an EA NHL career overall as you play instead of always starting over.

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Re: Something I think Be A Pro NEEDS!

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Thanks for the feedback on this. It's a pretty cool idea Standard smile

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Re: Something I think Be A Pro NEEDS!

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I sent that request back a few years ago. Whatever. The users who like to play a full sim, the simple logistics of playing a 10-15 year career in one year before the next game comes out is unrealistic. 

Additionally, is there even an option to retire anymore? What kind of after retirement options are there? Will I have to option to become part of the franchise I played for in a retired player mode? Like a team ambassador? Will I be inducted into the HoF?

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