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Some great additions, but Cringe Dialogue

by aemNS

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Some great additions, but Cringe Dialogue

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It was really nice to see the cut scene additions for draft day in BaP. The stage photo, walking into the locker room for the first time, the ELS chat with your agent - loved it. 


The dialogue is still very cringe, however. It isn't at all realistic, especially for hockey players. Strangely enthusiastic responses to going to a museum, spiteful threats not to pass to your player if they don't indulge in hot dogs at their bowling night out - i don't know who's writing these dialogue cut scenes but they really need to be reassigned, sorry. Two editions in a row of this awful dialogue. In forums you never hear anyone saying anything positive about them. Change them or just remove them entirely. 


On-ice coach chats - more pressure or get a goal. As a Dman, ill just select the non-goal option every time. Pointless. 


I havent played this far yet, but man i hope they've change the FA point of BaP. Only 2 teams intetested and no cinematic for changing teams. Oof. Crossed fingers. 

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Re: Some great additions, but Cringe Dialogue

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@aemNSOh it's horrendous. It's like EA thinks all hockey players just go to parks, jazz concerts, and museums haha. I wish they would add an option to just turn all that crap off.
As far as the coach challenges go, I always pick "score the goal" just to * off management when I don't score sometimes out of spite.

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