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Re: Be a Pro question: Can you tell me if the lines from the coach have changed?

by 2042NoHardcore

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Be a Pro question: Can you tell me if the lines from the coach have changed?

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If you guys have played be a pro in early access as defenseman, can you tell me if the lines(challenges) from the coach (in game) have changed? In NHL21, even if I were a defenseman, in the middle of a crucial situation of the game, the coach would ask you to score goals or carry the team. I think the coach should ask you to break plays, block shots, etc. Even if you’re an offensive defenseman, you should not be the player the coach looks primarily to for scoring goals. It sucked because it felt like the game wanted you to pick a forward. Bottom line, can you tell me if it’s the same as 21? Thank you!

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Re: I want to know that before bying

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In game the star options ask you to score a goal. The team options don't.  Just put the pressure on, generate momentum,  etc. Out of the game the coach, players, and media will ask for goals or assists. The storyline goal is atleast geared towards your position. The first storyline goal I got was block 20 shots and average a B- over five games. Your archetype doesn't matter. I made a Defensive defenseman that started in the NHL and an enforcer that played the Memorial Cup. Scored 4 points and drafted 2nd overall. I made a LW enforcer who scored 3 points and was first overall. His goals were all about scoring unfortunately. Both guys who started in the CHL were captains and they got storyline to win the Stanley Cup as captain. Media talked as if I was in the Stanley Cup playoffs and had already one one before. The player I started in the NHL was still referred to as a high draft pick. The punishments for add man rush and the like didn't seem as harsh. There are some improvements, but I won't be buying this. It is very similar to 21. I like the storyline and game play, but it isn't enough.

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Re: Be a Pro question: Can you tell me if the lines from the coach have changed?

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Nope, I'm a Defensive Defenseman and I still get coach goals of " Get a point ! " , " Score a Goal! " and " Put the pressure on! " , it's the same coach feedback and what's really sad is they care so little for those playing Defense on BAP that there is little to no goals or coach lines for defensive players. It makes zero sense for me as a D-Man to be getting the goals and coach lines I am. Yet here I am getting them, just like in 21.

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