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Re: Be A Pro - Roster Sharing?

by OveNystrom

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Be A Pro - Roster Sharing?

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Will BAP be one of the modes we can use Roster Sharing with?. Like can we select an updated season roster as our active roster and use that for Be A Pro?. Or will Be A Pro mode always just use the default roster?.

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Re: Be A Pro - Roster Sharing?

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Bump, based on the above thread also discussing this apperently Be A Pro mode always uses default roster, so not only will it not let you individually select which roster you want but it will not even allow you to start a Be A Pro league with your current active roster. Can anyone from EA please confirm that Roster Sharing will not be possible in Be A Pro?. Multiple people are asking so it would be great to get a response, thanks!.

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Re: Be A Pro - Roster Sharing?

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It sticks with the default rosters becuase of the "player" interaction. It limits who you can interact with. Besides the computer is constantly making trades and hiring free agents. It doesn't matter what team you are with, its going to change after season 1, if you play that far.

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Re: Be A Pro - Roster Sharing?

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I've seen a few posts about this. You can actually change the active roster and then if you choose "Start in the NHL" instead of starting with the cups & draft (in America or Europe) you will get the current active roster. 


If you choose going to the draft all draft picks are simulated and seem to be wrong, especially if you end up going as nr 1 which is hard to do but possible if you do not get points and get thrown out of a few games. SInce the draft is simulated, rosters will not work. My team is Detroit and their 15th pick (Sebastian Cossa) is not made due to the fact that Detroit got that pick in a trade during the draft I guess.

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