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Re: List of Transactions/Injuries missing

by 2042NoHardcore

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Be A Pro - No Injury Information or Transaction History

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Once again just like in NHL 21 we get no information about our injuries and what they are and how long we will be out. This was missing from 21 and is now missing from 22 as well it seems. It was in NHL 19-20. When you got injured after the game it would show a picture of a player in a Dr's Exam room with a trainer / Dr, and an overlay would be on your screen with text describing exactly what your injury was, and how long you would be out. And mind you I'm NOT TALKING ABOUT ROOKIE SEASON, I'm talking about seasons after. Still NO injury information, at all.

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List of Transactions/Injuries missing

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Again in this years edition we are missing all of this bar where you can watch what is happening around the league with injuries and deals wise.

I mean Be a pro was much more fun before this "story" mode which isn't working properly anyways. Who really wants to play it when you don't even know what happens on your team you are part of? Some answers needed here!

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Re: List of Transactions/Injuries missing

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Yeah it's insane, and as someone who plays as Enforcer and is constantly getting injuries and prone to them this missing feature literally stopped me from playing BAP in 21 last year. I'd constantly be getting an injury, and just spamming game simulations until I was suddenly back. Meanwhile before with the injury information panel at least it showed me what my injury was and the length of it's impact on my play. This was such a small thing but added so much vital immersion and realism to my experience.

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Re: List of Transactions/Injuries missing

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Bump, are we going to get an answer and or solution for either of these issues?.

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Re: List of Transactions/Injuries missing

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So are us be a pro players just going to have to guess our injuries based on animations and spam game simulations until we are back?. Why can't we have the simple injury information UI screen and page from NHL 19-20. If our player is going to be out for weeks or months on end can you at least tell us that and what the injury is?. As of now I have to simulate games over and over until I'm magically back in the lineup and returned from IR. This is such a minor yet important feature for immersion and realism in BAP. And it seems like other features it's been removed for some reason or another. Raised eyebrow

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Re: List of Transactions/Injuries missing

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@2042NoHardcore Yes a lot of people asked for it to be put back in NHL 21 but that never happened… they took out a lot of things like the injury tracker.. not sure why they would do that. They took out the junior league and AHL league.. another weird move that I do not really understand and I even asked but it’s been I think a week or longer and still haven’t received a reply.. we don’t usually get any information back to us if we are Be a Pro mode players or Franchise Mode players we hardly get any attention or fixes that we ask for all the time
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