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BAP issues

by Sideswip3r

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BAP issues

★★★ Newbie

It would be really nice if you fixed how you get crap from the coach because the other team scored after him challenging to shut them down. It’s down right stupid. Got kicked off the first line because I had a 3 point night but because I didn’t maintain the 2 goal lead I get in trouble. Fix this moronic system

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Re: BAP issues

★★★★ Apprentice

I mean any game has limitations, so this one might be asking too much. The coaches request is the measure of successes. Besides, let's say its a real game. The coach pulls you aside and tells you to protect the lead. Then the other team scores. Don't you think your coach might be mad? Sure, you can score goals, but if you can't follow a simple instruction... Feels like real life to me. Hey boss, I did X Y and Z, plus A B and C. Sorry, I didn't get D done for you. Oh, I'm fired. Okay.

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