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BAP draft

by lundstrom91

Original Post

BAP draft

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Could you Patch the BAP draft so we dont always be picked by the Buffalo sabers as #1. Instead randomise the draftpicks like it was a couple of years ago when you choose ’classic’ option for the draft and got picked by other teams as #1 


would really help for the storyline.

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Re: BAP draft

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I started BAP and i have played a few NHL games over the years, not a die hard fan of the games, but love hockey and having an okay time so far... my question is.. in BAP, do you have to remain on the buffalo team? Can you ever move to your favorite team, and if so.. how do you do that and how long does it take... I dont want to play an entire season with buffalo before i can move... I love the good old days that it asks you for your favorite team and then thats who you draft too... OR you can pick who you draft too.... i dont know why they have to force you to play on a team you dont want to be on.... any idea how long it will take to move to another team and can you move to ANY team at a given time??/


OR is there another way to play with a created character and play seasons on your favorite team like THEY drafted you and you are a rookie and have to climb up on YOUR team?  Where you can upgrade your skills and training etc....  Is there a mode that allows this? 

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Re: BAP draft

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Solution… don’t be the number 1 draft. Just sim it until you get to the draft. End up being in the 100s or so. Then you have a shot being on other teams

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Re: BAP draft

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I swear in 21 no matter how poorly you played you always got #1 - #3 Draft pick for some reason, I hope it's different this time. I noticed on Youtube EVERYONE'S Be A Pro is either on Buffalo Sabres or Seattle Kraken, I'm guessing those are the teams who take you if you are #1 or #2 pick, does it NEVER change?.

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Re: BAP draft

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You cant...  you will always be #1 or # 2.....   and taken by buffalo or Krakens...    no matter how bad you do... its scripted that way

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Re: BAP draft

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@Vortimous Someone said the only way is start in CHL and simulate the entire season until your eliminated and you can get drafted in lower position then. I have not tried this but allegedly it lets you get drafted as even as far as #100th pick. It's very dumb that it's not random and it's always the same teams at the same pick #'s.
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Re: BAP draft

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You can't play the entire season in the CHL this year, unless I missed something, I only saw the possibility to play the Memorial Cup tournament.  I got drafted by Seattle, I answered better with them then with Buffalo.  


What is weird is that I have 3 games played in my first season and they keep telling I have the point record of the franchise, while, I'm not the player with the most points on the team and the commentators kept talking about the team first shutout in my last game, but the final score was 5 to 1...


One thing I can't believe is still not there is the rink announcer not saying my player's name when I score, get an assist...

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Re: BAP draft

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I set the game on Allstar, and I never too a shot, made 100 bad passes, and got something like 50 penalties, mostly tripping. I was drafted by the Ducks in the 6th Round.


But, the game assumes you want to BE number 1. Did they break the "Ask for a Trade" thing again? I think you can ask after the PreSeason, but again the game doesn't give you the best options. I mean in Free Agency, you need to keep resetting the game and hope for a different team to offer you the contract, becuase you only get 2 offers.

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Re: BAP draft

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I started my BAP.  I played the first game and did alright.  the next couple games I just let my guy stand there until I was benched.  After the round robin I was projected 146.  I played the "playoff" games and did pretty good.  After the tournament I was reevaluated and projected first.  WTH?  I threw my draft interview with Buffalo and got a +5 score.  I kind of did the same with Seattle and got a +18.  I was drafted by Seattle.  I'm not sure how to get drafted later.  Maybe I should have got benched in all the games? 

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Re: BAP draft

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@lundstrom91 just have a bad interview with Buffalo, I was projected first, but had a bad interview with Buffalo. Got drafted by Seattle. Then I realized if you go through the draft you have to use default rosters, so I just restarted skipping the draft
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