error on game battlefield 5

by PT-TsReal29

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error on game battlefield 5

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In the game battlefield 5, besides the game itself has numerous errors and bugs, when I'm playing, after a few minutes the game shuts down without any apparent error.
After extensive research on the issue and several troubleshooting attempts, I was able to fix it by clearing the origin cache, and the game was running much better. today the 17th, after making the update requested by origin, the problem returned, after a few minutes the game simply shuts down if, without any error or information, I did everything from uninstalling the origin, the game, the GPU drives etc, clear cache of origin, but now the problem does not solve and I can not play, I ask an effective resolution of the problem, if you do not hear this solution, I request the cancellation of my account origin as soon as possible, this problem has been going on for months !
wait for a quick response

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Re: error on game battlefield 5

@PT-TsReal29 What are your PC specs and OS version?
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