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Missing class tasks

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This query is for my friends..

he said and i wrot..



I have boughten the conclusive variant of the game which opens everything except I haven't gotten the dominance and capability task for the classes

I have taken a stab at maximizing to even out 20 on the classes and I've had a go at restarting and playing a couple of games

I have even went to EA help and made 4 cases with them I've received the very message that it's been fixed yet when I open the game up it has not been fixed I'm actually having a similar issue

Does anybody have a way I can get my dominance and capability tasks to appear in game?

I need what I paid for!!!


we hope some one cna help su.


Best regard,

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Re: Missing class tasks

Hi @zdjc1t2123tg This is something your friend needs to go back to EA Help about really, as missing items can't be granted here as nobody can access game accounts.

However, it might be worthwhile that they double check The Armory first in case they just need to claim the assignments.

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Re: Missing class tasks

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Contact EA Support and explain the missing dominance and capability tasks issue, despite purchasing the ultimate edition. Request further assistance and check for game updates that might resolve the problem. Be persistent in seeking a solution to get the content you paid for.

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