How To: Write & Get Responses for Your Technical Issue!

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How To: Write & Get Responses for Your Technical Issue!

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In order for the community to help you with any tech issues you may be having, it's always a good idea to make sure your post contains as much useful information as possible.

A good start is to follow the checklist in the image below.


If you don't need the community to troubleshoot your issue but you would just like to report a bug that is no longer needed.


If you need to contact EA for direct customer support like if something is wrong with your account, EA Help is located HERE.








BFV Diagnostic video

Attach a link to a video of your networking or graphics issues with the following graphs enabled to allow people to better understand your technical issue.

  1. When playing press the upper right button "½" under the escape button
  2. Enter the command "PerfOverlay.DrawGraph 1" and press enter
  3. Enter "Perfoverlay.DrawFps 1" and press enter
  4. Enter "Render.DrawScreenInfo 1" and press enter
  5. Exit the command prompt by pressing  "½" again 
  6. Go into the game options, then "gameplay" > "advanced" > "network performance graph" and set it to "show"

A video of how to setup a diagnostic video and how it should look: HERE


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